Perfetto – ‘Aladdin 2.0’ | Bred N Butter Records + Trap City Release [Track Write-Up]

Perfetto Takes Us On A Desert Trap Adventure With The Revitalized ‘Aladdin 2.0’ On Bred N Butter Records & Trap City

Written by: Garth Jones

From the arid desert regions to the densely populated cities, you can hear the vibrancy and party-forward sounds as clear as day in Perfetto‘s latest release ‘Aladdin 2.0′ via Bred N Butter Records and Trap City (exclusively on YouTube).

The Arabian soundscapes and urban-esque heavy hits of bass and trap-filled punches are the diversities that allow this track to shine ever-so-luminously. From the up on your feet attitude to the serenading sounds that lace the true trap banger, the range in this track is very wide on the spectrum, capturing all the best of both worlds.

pictured: Perfetto

The introduction to ‘Aladdin 2.0‘ gives you a glimpse into the melody you would hear walking downtown of an Arabian desert city, such as Yemen or Oman, where wind instruments are played aloud on the streets for the public. That signature sound carries through before the electronically-driven build-up sets in where we hearing a looping sensation kick and where the party begins.

Punching in is two heavy hits of bass before the trap beatdown takes its entrance. A whirlwind of nasty and elbows-up style sounds ravage through your speakers with intensity and glass-shattering bass. Perfetto does a number in no time at all with this first section of the track. Packed with samples of ‘go-go-go’s’, firearm chamber clicks, ‘jump’s’, and the iconic ‘Aladdin‘ recital to remind you this track means business.

There is a transformational and mind-bending conclusion to this release. When two worlds collide such as trap and Arabian wind instruments, the results are astounding. The teleportation your mind takes from imagining the setting to the sounds, and injecting those trap-forward party vibes is what makes this track from Perfetto all the better.

As you retrieve your mind back from Perfetto‘s ‘Aladdin 2.0′, begin to realize it is exactly that. A ‘2.0’, a second, a remake, and reiteration. There was and is a first ‘Aladdin‘ from Perfetto, first created six years ago. Check it out, and take a magic carpet ride with both.

[Stream ‘Aladdin 2.0’ Here]

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