Cyber G – ‘Space Style’ [Track Write-Up] New Face-Melting Bass Tune

Cyber G Lifts Us Into The Outer Limits With ‘Space Style’ – A New Bass Tune For The Masses

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Philadelphia based producer Cyber G has once again trend fried our brains after dropping this face-melter of a track, “Space Style”. Cyber G is no stranger to creating bass music that just simply fucks with your brain. It’s dirty, its unique, and it’s usually “gangster as fuck” as the kids these days like to say. From his smashing hits Vortex” and “Odyssey” on Subsidia Records, to his unreleased arsenal, Cyber G has a unique style of low end focused basses that create a nectary grime that covers the outer layer of your brain. Alongside that, he always has a way of creating a nice steady flow and rhythm for you to ride out to.  

Space Style begins with an atmospheric vibe that quickly fades into a beat that readies you for what’s to come in the track. The first drop has a bouncy bass pattern to it that will have venues across the nation moving together in full force. A high pitched synth that sounds vaguely like a siren later accompanies the main bass to keep the high paced energy flowing. The second half of the drop really is chaotic, yet done in a controlled manner. It’s truly beautiful. The drums also smash through the mix that will also have people banging their heads as they are quickly sent back into the realm created in the intro. Once the breather that we get is over, we are quickly sucked back into the black hole of Cyber G’s basses. The second drop is just as heavy, if not more than the first. This time the bass patterns are less bouncy and more so a “slide down” in pitch. It keeps the vibes heavy yet gives you a nice change of pace and movement. In case you missed it however, the bouncy patterns from drop one return in the second half of this drop, ending the track on a high note as it fades out of the atmospheric tone that has previously been set. 

Space Style marks the beginning of a new era of Cyber G and his career so this track is essential when working your way through his catalog. Think of it as a sneak preview for what’s in store. This track is for anyone who enjoys any type of track that you can vibe with. It’s great for house parties, small venues, and even festivals of all sizes. It’s always going to set a tone no matter where it is played, and we’re excited to see where Cyber G drops us off next on this crazy adventure.      

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