Sketch Muzic. The Doodling Dubstep Destroyer

Corey Strickland, or as his school of fans know him, is Sketch Muzic. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama with a canvas full of artwork to show the world. This finely sharpened utensil of auditory proportions has all the “write” strokes… just don’t get erased in the process.
Please welcome Sketch Muzic to the storm!

Q1: Welcome! Where did the Sketch Muzic project derive from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to decision to make music, and down to the name!

A1: The Sketch Muzic project was started in in 2017 but rewind about 12 years is when I started making music, but was never serious about it. I decided that it was time to give it a real shot and Sketch Muzic was born. 
The name is a play on a sketch artist and a sketch pad. Kind of like-I was always “sketching my tunes.”

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Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your journey thus far?

A2: My favorite artist is Seven Lions, something about the way he can mesh so many genres into one beautiful masterpiece, with a nasty side, of a set inspires a lot of my sounds. 

Q3: What has been your favorite track to make and why?

A3: My remix of Sevenn’s Music Is My Suicide. I love taking house music and Sketching them into melodic dubstep tracks!! Plus this one has some deeper meaning behind it, with the correlation of music being a saving grace for some people.

Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

A4: A lot of melodic tracks. I have 6 or 7 tracks that I’m sitting on. Just waiting on a release date for a new EP. As for 2021 I’m ready to get back on a stage. My last show was in February with BTSM, Blanke, and Vampa.

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Q5: Who are you trying to collaborate with in the near future?

A5: I would love to get on a track with Jason Ross. That man has some beautiful tracks. Or just release a track with Ophelia Records

Q6: Walk us through your creative process behind Cirlces! What went into that track?

A6: Circles was the product of a bad night, my mind was spinning in Circles and the only relief I could get was in front of my computer.  I let my mind run with sound and that helped bring solace from that night. 

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below!

A7: The homies at UpsideDown Collective, keep an eye out for these guys. We are all doing big things and the Collective is growing with artists  from all over the US, plus every genre from Deep Dub to Trap and Future Bass to House and DnB. 

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