STICKYFANGAZ – ‘SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS’ [Track Write-Up] – NEW Trap Release Has Arrived


Written by: Garth Jones

Before we lick our fingers anymore we need to conceptualize what we are dealing with here. This highly-technical infusion of rap and a playful variation on trap/bass music that comes together as a bouncy, upbeat, and unprecedented stylized dance music track. The constant shift in sounds, samples, and otherworldly types of auditory assets complete this track, sealing it up as a true banger.



Fresh off his VIP release of ‘PSYCHO NOT’ (which is mental) from just three weeks ago, STICKYFANGAZ returns with this fresh take on fusion and fearlessness titled ‘SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS‘. Creating such a diverse and outright fun track takes guts and a true amount of genius to pull off and by-golly this release checks off on all those prerequisites.

Each facet, corner, and crevasse of this new release shouts energy, vocal-dexterity, and musical bliss. Instantly, you are taken back by the ultra-quick recital of the verses, fortified by a circus-sized display of youthful soundscapes, cartoon-like widgets of wonder, and a dynamic delivery of hard-hitting punches and build-ups.

Hitting replay have never felt so good, smashing it each time with the expectation of hearing something new in the listening process and it returns the favor with a new perception of what and where this track goes each time, and that is deep into the mind of STICKYFANGAZ and his creative process.

We highly recommend jamming this beat with all your party-forward friends, turning the volume up way high, and removing all the furniture from your dancing area to really get down to this new release from STICKYFANGAZ. For extra credit, show this to your trap/rap music loving friends, producers, and promoters to spread the word on this insane track. Find his social media tabs below to follow and connect with him.


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