YAMi – ‘Remember’ [Track Write-Up] | Monsoon Season Premiere

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[By: Brandon Missig]

Yami brings a very powerful classical dubstep tune with his new song, Remember. The song starts off with a slow bassline and eerie choir to set the tone. The main vocals come in along with a melodic piano progression that really delivers this feeling of hurt. It’s all very dramatic, and it works, I could feel the frisson settling in before the drop came.

Whatever you might be prepared for with the drop, this takes another direction. It’s not quite future bass, it’s a unique combination of classical overtones with an absolutely vicious bassline. The bassline combines a very buzzy and distorted groove with granular white noise textures to accent the big classical moments at the end of each phrase. You can really feel the attention to detail in creating an absolutely epic groove to the whole production. It just keeps moving, it’s very in your face but also leaves you wanting more.

It’s hard to find a dubstep song that draws you in for both drops and this one executes it very well, despite not changing a whole lot between them. The idea connecting both drops is so strong that I was feeling eager for the next one after the first finished.

This is definitely a unique tune for when you want some darker and more dramatic dubstep with more grounded down to-earth sound design

Crates I’m putting this into: Epic Bass, Adventure-step, Deep Dark


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