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Q1: Festivillainz, shall we get villainous? Let’s get our audience familiarized with the festivities of yourselves! Who are you and where do you trace the cord back to the wall?

A1: Hell yeah dude! We always represent that villainous vibe! We are Chris and Brayden from New York, NY and Ottawa, Canada. Brayden – Man I’ll always remember being that one kid in high school that would jam out to EDM whether I was studying, working on assignments or just hanging out with friends but no one understood how I could listen to “party” music while doing anything. That’s when I knew dance music was my thing no matter the genre. I got to university and met a buddy who DJed. That’s where it all began haha exploring all genres from big room to house to eventually growing a big love for bass music. That’s where the journey started for me and the rest continues to this day. You never know what the future is gonna bring.

Chris – I’ve been around music my whole life. I was 4 when I started playing guitar and grew up on rock and metal. But even as a little metal head, I remember hearing The Prodigy’s “Fat of the Land” album for the first time and it blew my mind. From there I started to explore different genres. It was a natural progression. I eventually knew that that was the direction I was gonna take with my own music, and started experimenting with production. Fast forward years and years later. Here we are.

Q2: You are roaring gears to play Bloodline presented by Brainsick Records and Code: Lockdown; how do you plan to excite the crowd this go-around vs times before?

A2: Oh man this set is ridiculous. From crazy doubles to quick chops and a lot of our favourite underground artists’ music, this set is packed with an assortment of shit that’ll make the audiences necks break! This is by far our favourite set to date so everyone better get ready for this haha. Oh yeah, we dropped a couple fan favourites in there as per a request so all we can stay is get ready lol.

Q3: Your recent releases Bad Boy Sound, Never Know with INF1N1TE, and even your guest mix for Kannibalen Records are earth-shattering in structure. What can expect next? Your fans have to know!

A3: Doing that guest mix for Kannibalen was an absolute honour! One of Brayden’s favourite labels out there so truly blessed to have been chosen to do one for them. INF1N1TE is a G, shoutout to him on our collab! Absolutely killed it. As for what to expect next, we have a lot of things in the works as well as some changes to to our brand so we don’t want to spoil anything, all we can say is get ready and stay on the lookout!

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Q4: As for the duo, what has been the highlight of your careers?

A4: We gotta say headlining in Daytona Beach! It was our Florida debut and the entire trip was wild! Getting to do meet n greets in a state we’ve never played in before something else. Super humbling to see how far our fan base has reached. The show was absolutely insane, the AC unit caught fire so you could really say we “set the place on fire” hahaha. Needless to say this one was definitely one for the books!

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Q5: Who in your opinion are driving forces and killing the game? Shout them the f**k out!

A5: We gotta give a big shoutout to our Gridlock fam and especially Blaize, Freaky and Teknicolor. These guys are absolutely killing it! Also want to shoutout our homie INF1N1TE, the guys a madman in the studio, produces absolute perfection and is an overall good friend of ours. Kai Wachi is a big favorite of ours, always play his music in our sets and Kompany is a straight up G. Love those guys.

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