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Q1: For the unsuspecting reader and your new-to-be fans; who is AUTOKOREKT? Give our audience your best description before our keyboards hit the ‘autocorrect’ button!

A1: I’m a dubstep and riddim producer based out of San Diego, California (born and raised). I like to make aggressive and heavy music to bring the energy while I play in front of live crowds. I started producing over 4 years ago and have made it on big labels like Subsidia by Excision, Dirtysnatcha Records, 40oz Cult, Riddim Network, and much more.

Q2: You are a headliner on the bill for Bloodline presented by Brainsick Records and Code: Lockdown! How does it feel to lead the blood pack; and ultimately what can we expect from your corrective performance?

A2: Pretty dope, stoked to see everyone’s set, there’s a ton of dope upcoming talent! Stoked to be headlining for sure. And you can expect some dope-ass doubles, and a lot of originals and unreleased tunes!

Q3: Let’s talk about your newest track with CO$TLY. In what adventurous ways did you keep coming back to the project? Was this a tough track to pull off? 

A3: My newest track out right now is Hollow Tip with my boy CO$TLY that dropped on 40oz Cult. Me and him been homies for a while he stays in Michigan and it was dope because we actually got him on the vocals for this tune and it came out very aggressive and dark which is why we went for it. Super happy on it and out of the comp it was on it had some of the best traction and stats so we are very proud of that.

Q4: What is next for AUTOKOREKT? Automate your fans with some news they can salivate over! 

A4: Some things I’m looking forward to is my tour. I just started and I got a ton of upcoming dates as well. I also have a big release next week on a massive label as well as another big release in June. I have some merch coming out and will also be playing a few tour dates with Dirtysnatcha‘s tour as well. Pretty much lots of music and touring.

Q5: Who is giving their all right now? Drop their names in your shout-out! 

A5: Some artists I can name are Gawm, Jaysyx, Svspkt, Bou$hy, Rhino, Casey Jones, Zoobstool, Plsma, Kleøpatra, Zubah, Hami, Dirtysnatcha, Rico Act, Dack Janiels, Decimate and so so many more man. The scene is awesome and with so much talent it’s crazy. I’m happy to be where I’m at but I’m only getting started baby.



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