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TOA5T – Data Driven

[Sacramento-based] cinematic bass music producer TOA5T returns to our storm to show off another phenomenal hit and performance titled ‘Data Driven‘. Utilizing his vast array of skills in the studio, he infuses captivating soundscapes built with lo-fi twists on synthwave, hyper-surreal claps, illuminating build-ups, and one helluva cinematically delivered experience to total the track.

May be a closeup of 1 person, hair, beard and outerwear

If we take what we know about this rising talent, we understand his uniqueness and what contemporary value he brings to the larger EDM table (if you will), we can remain inspired that this style of music is not just a fad but it is here to stay. One day, we know the moniker TOA5T will be synonymous with cinematic bass music. He truly does it well and with passion. His wild catalog of futuristic and crescendo-forward are all consonant in structure, it all is cohesive and makes complete sense. Frankly, conceptualizing ‘how’ he does it is more illustrious and peculiar. A true spectacle of sound.

Data Driven‘ is that thereof the inspiration of retro-future feature-films, games, and appearances such as Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077. This style of cult-classicality being infused into music is just breaching the surface, sizing up its airborne trajectory, and gearing up for a splashdown like none other.
This track encapsulates those elements, notions, and sounds to really allow the listener to embark on a timeless experience that can be felt on many of levels in life. The softness, supplemented by that signature TOA5T clap sound, and fortified with layers of electronically created sounds to truly amalgamate to a precise production.

This is ‘Data Driven’


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