Kittrix – High Voltage [EP Write-Up]

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Shock – [3:40]

The first track you will hear on the ‘High Voltage‘ EP is the electrifyingly titled track ‘Shock‘. Instantly, what you feel on this blissful production is the crawling sounds and cinematic introduction. As the tracks begins to take shape, the beat, volume, and voice of Kittrix gets increasingly louder. Layered with extra elements, laced with provocative soundscapes, and electrically charged in energy; this is all-around impressive. This dynamic yet powerful electro-house track completely takes control of your body, leaving you in a a state of shock, but with a smile.


Photo of: Kittrix

Like That – [3:40]

Like That‘ finds itself coming in second on the extended play. A phenomenal transition of energy into this installation. This hyper-surreal environment that Kittrix creates with her high-energy music is at full display here with ‘Like That’. An unstoppable force of housey-hits, looping vocals, and bits of electronic-wonder at every corner of the song. The amazing sensation of each sound fading in and out is truly what stands out here. These whisper-like calls and questions that Kittrix declares keeps the energy top-tier and piqued. What a spectacle.


Dance – [4:21]

The call to action lives with the third track on ‘High Voltage‘ titled ‘Dance‘ and is the ender you want for an EP of this caliber. The invigorating power is felt, and crescendos across into a jump-up style extravaganza of intense upbeat hits, and thunderous synths. Kittrix knocks this track out of the park for every facet of its creation. Every bit of the manipulation in vocals, imaginative sounds, and that roll of hard-hitting electro-house forward elements to keep me drawn in.


We 10/10 Recommend this EP

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