DIALYUP – ‘Set Me Free’ Remix EP: Backroom Records | 1st Place Winners Interview – StaiR + GAINCHANGER

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[By: Garth Jones]

DIALYUP – ‘Set Me Free’ Remix EP Contest by Backroom Records | 1st Place Winners | Interview with StaiR and GAINCHANGER

Not only did Backroom Records do it again. but they included a slew of our planet’s best and utmost brilliant to add to the collision of collective musical facilitation. On this carousel of curation, DIALYUP is getting his future bass tune remixed by GAINCHANGER and StaiR that quickly catches your attention without regard of letting go.

These two take the soft spoken, futuristic, and melodically-driven original and flip it on its head. They add fiery hits, punches of bass, and riveting build-ups that shift from the trap and dubstep spectrums. They manipulate the vocals in a heavier/deeper tone, adding a certain fortification to the impending insanity we are about to listen to. A complete rattling of your bones.

We recommend listening to this several times to get the full effect. Let’s see what the remixing culprits have to say about their tune, winning first place and more in their official interview, below.

Congrats to 2nd and 3rd place winners in addition to all the finalists.


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Q1:Welcome! We are stoked to have you both here! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

StaiR –  Yoyo StaiR here! My name is Cody Stair (guess where my artist name came from). I’m 22; born, raised and still living in Long Island, New York. I’ve been a musician my entire life; from daydreaming about being a rockstar guitarist as a kid, to playing in All-State bands as a trumpet player, to eventually majoring in Classical Trumpet Performance at SUNY Purchase. I fell in love with producing music initially because of my little brother who had produced for a while, and had a code up for grabs for FL Studio, (which I initially used to make beats to practice trumpet over). After going to countless shows in NYC with an old friend of mine, I realized REAL FAST ‘yo wait I can definitely make dubstep TOO! That would be WILD’. (Shouts to  my brother Joel, my college homies and the music program at Purchase for making me realize that music production is my true passion). I’ve been producing for about 3 years now, mostly in Ableton at this point, and I’m beyond excited to see where this journey leads me. In my free time (when I’m not in the studio), I enjoy weight lifting, going on adventures/drunk nights around town with my homies (endlessly grateful for y’all), and jam sessions with my jazz boys. I’m beyond excited about all of the love I’ve been getting since I debuted the StaiR project in October 2020.

GAINCHANGER – My name’s Joseph Goodman, I’m 29, born in Boulder, CO, been living in San Diego since I was 12, and have been producing for 15 years as of this coming September. I grew up playing different instruments and doing graphic design; played in a metal band in middle school and eventually started rapping – which led me to messing around on Garage Band in the back of class and eventually downloading FL Studio – Eventually I fell in love with EDM and started going to raves by junior year of high school. In the past I’ve been known as “Oh Gee!”, “Mutiny”, “Squelch”, “Fresh Out of Fuxx”, “BEACØNS”, and have finally launched this new solo project “GAINCHANGER” along with two new house duos, “Tuna Melt” (with my buddy Matt aka Space Race) and “Will & Warren” (with my buddy Richard who was the other half of BEACØNS). I do most of my own artwork, watch way too much anime, am a semi-professional home chef, and live with my awesome girlfriend Milena in Carlsbad.

Q2: You guys remixed Set Me Free by Dialyup, via Backroom Records’ competition and won first place. Let me start by saying congrats to each of you on this major accomplishment. So how did you each approach the remix, creatively?

StaiR –  It actually took us 3 separate project files (combined into one MASSIVE project) to get the tune to work without overloading our computers hahaha. We really wanted to focus on the melodic aspects on this track, but also sneak in a little bit of our signature heaviness without it being overbearing. As per our signature collab style, of course we had to go real deep and melodic for that final section. This tune came together incredibly fast, and we’re honestly so stoked on the final result.

GAINCHANGER – Thanks man!! We really appreciate it, it was a lot of fun to work on. We’ve been collaborating on tunes left and right since we first linked up in October 2020, so it was only natural that we teamed up on this contest; and honestly we couldn’t be any more stoked on the final product. Cody (StaiR) and I were actually on zoom when we first started our remix, both showing each other what we were grinding on that day. I  had started messing around with the vocals from Set Me Free, and Cody was actually working on a sick melodic dubstep WIP that he had started earlier. Cody had said to send the processed vocals to add to his melodic dubstep track he had started – low and behold, they fit PERFECTLY. Cody crushed it and got a good chunk of the overall song structure and melodic components of the track locked in, then I swooped in with the heavier drop section and some basses and we finished the rest of the track together over zoom.


Q3: Now that you both have achieved first place in this collaborative effort. Do you foresee you working together again in the near future?

StaiR – Me and the big homie Joe have a ton of tunes in the works, and quite a few super secret releases dropping soon. I think we’re currently sitting at around 10 collabs between what we’ve released, unfinished collabs, and tunes that are waiting to be released. Knowing us we’ll have twice that number by the summer. 

GAINCHANGER – Probably not. Just kidding! We actually have a collaborative EP (which funny enough is both of our “debut EP’s”) coming out on BASSCVLT’s follow-for-download style sub label “The Sanctuary” on 5/11 – with 3 more bangers that are a LOT heavier than this release. Our sounds complement each other really well and the workflow we have together is seamless, regardless of the genre. We’ve pretty much been sending each other 98% of the WIPs we crank out, and have actually talked about the fact that we need to focus on some solo releases too. It’s SO EASY to work on tunes together and to keep the dream team going, it’s almost unreal.

Q4: What is next on each of your agendas? What can your fans expect?

DUAL ANSWER: StaiR + GAINCHANGER – We both have a couple of label releases in the works for both of us (GAINCHANGER – BASIC SHAPES out 4/30 on Gas Money Music // StaiR – Havoc Theorem out on Recall Records – date TBA). Together and separate, we both plan on solidifying our branding, and continuing to crank out the best tunes we can make! There are a couple more secret collab EPs we’ve been working on together with some of our great friends (okay, not-so-secret shouts to Brohaun, iøRa, and Sequoia’s Haven, love you dudes), as well as some other up-and-comers that have yet to debut! We’ve been happy with the noise we’ve been making so far and plan on keeping it up, and maybe you’ll see us as an official duo someday. 

Q5: Who do you each see killing it on a daily basis? Give them a huge shout-out below!

StaiR – Future Twist (did I hear StaiR x Future Twist???? – These boys are absolutely crushing it and I can’t wait to see where they go as artists), Sequoia’s Haven (Just you wait, Sequoia’s Haven is absolutely fucking killing it musically, he’s going to be something big.) Also can’t forget the day one homies – Asa Spades, FullSwing, zoska, JVZMIN, OMAS, and EARHEAD. All of them are some of my favorite underground artists right now, and honestly people that I consider my friends  Also!!! -Shouts to Wesley Collins and the entire team over at Recall Records. There are so many other friends of ours that deserve nothing but love and recognition. We both endlessly appreciate all of the homies that have our backs and support our music. Thank you for having us both and shouts to the entire team at Backroom Records and Monsoon Season – Endless love to you guys! 

GAINCHANGER – First off, we both wanna give a big shout to Backroom Records and the other incredibly talented artists on the remix EP! Everyone crushed it, and we couldn’t be happier to be involved! Obviously we both take massive influence from Virtual Riot, Pixel Terror, Porter Robinson, Noisia, KOAN SOUND, NSD, Disciple, and Halcyon, because who doesn’t? Some of the artists homies we see killing it just about daily are: Space Race, Subwreck, DRONE, iøRa (fka: Swaye), Brohaun, PLSMA JNKIE, Casinelli, Dawn Patrol, PERSES, and Katzhu.

Want some juxtaposition?

Listen to the original here!



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