Everything Must Go + KJ Sawka + & A_Rival – Lonely ft. Ryan Crosby: Subsidia Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Written by: Brandon Rafferty]

It’s not news to most when someone mentions an amazing and brilliant track on Subsidia Records. This time is no different, being that this massive group of collaborators consisting of Everything Must Go, KJ Sawka, and A_Rival deliver an unforeseeable vibrant and energetic track on their recent Release on DAWN: Volume Three. “Lonely” to me was the stand out tune on this massive 18 track compilation, and I am here to break it down and tell you why I think this song is so great.

To kick it off, this track has no lead in. It starts with a beautiful piano progression, setting the tone of what appears to be a melancholy and somber story, but it is quickly unraveled when an uplifting and high frequency focus synth lead takes stage. This synth guides us down a path to the voice of Ryan Crosby. Taking center stage, this stunning verse is beautiful and full of emotion, projecting what I assume to be a story told straight from the heart and providing lyrical content we can all relate to.

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When this tune drops, it is readily apparent that it is more unique than your typical EDM drop. Smacking you across the face with double kick and bass stabs, “Lonely” provides a breathtaking display of melodic chord progressions and heavy bass sound design. The high intensity of this drop fulfills all of your wants and needs. It is completely energetic yet emotional, while also providing deep, grimey filler basses that have a nostalgic sound to them.  I also personally love the drums on this track, especially the fills throughout the drop. The thrill ride of emotion however comes to an abrupt halt as we are transferred into the second verse. 

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The 2nd verse is very similar to the first, however it introduces a filtered drum section that continues throughout and helps keep momentum in the tune. The 2nd drop has a few minor pattern variations but tends to  mainly stick true to the first drop. Luckily, the drop is so stunning that I enjoy hearing it more than once, and it just works for this track.

Listen to the entire album Dawn: Vol. 3

All around. I really enjoy “Lonely” as a whole. It has a perfect blend of beautiful bass stabs and angry growls that send chills down your spine. To rate this as one of Subsidia’s top releases to date just goes to show how massive the track is and that it can stand on its own and compete. I am eager to see what paths these artists will take in the future, and we can all only hope to get a follow up or even a VIP in the future!


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