Alex Amaro – Rise (VIP) + Eric Mark (DNB Flip): Nightenjin Release [EP Write-Up]

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[By: Brandon Rafferty]

Alex Amaro – Rise (VIP) + Eric Mark (DNB Flip)

A new massive dance floor anthem has hit, Alex Amaro’s “Rise (VIP)”! Instantly, the kick and snare rail into your body with its catchy house-styled rhythm. The vocal sample comes in and demands your immediate attention, giving me vibes of a track you would hear played out at a 2014 festival. I can already picture entire audiences nationwide erupting in dance moves when the drop rolls in. This song is all-around well produced. The mixing is crisp and clean, the vocals sit perfectly, and the master is loud yet also keeps the dynamics that shine in this track, particularly with the use of vocals. Expect to hear this one played out as shows continue to open country-wide! 

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Photo of: Alex Amaro
Photo by: Mark Sandstorm Photography

Eric Mark takes a drastically different approach with his remix of “Rise”. Immediately, it is a much faster pace, more so along the lines of drum and bass. The bass that is faintly heard in the intro is truly stellar. It instantly sucks me in and grabs all of my attention, which is a good thing because it soon gets put on full display at the climax of the track, taking center stage and railing through your speakers in a blissful manner! This remix shines in one aspect that I personally felt the original lacked, and that is the sense of adventure. This remix took a great dance track and turned it into a fast-paced adventure that I love.

These 2 absolutely killed it with their versions of “Rise” and I am excited to see what’s in store for both of them, whether it’s another dance floor anthem, or a fast-paced journey leading us into the unknown.



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