Blurrd Vzn – Top Level: Partica Artist Group Release [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Brandon Missig]

Blurrd Vzn – Top Level: Partica Artist Group Release

This release by Blurrd Vzn, a duo from San Diego, brings a dynamic journey hybrid trap vibe that leaves you excited for warm weather and summertime activities while also delivering a grimey and growl-filled drop. Its coming off of Baltimore-based Partica Artist Group which has been releasing some of the most engaging hybrid trap and halftime in years. 

The song starts off with spacey filtered chords and a moody vocal. A massive anthem type melody with the perfect amount of detune and presence washes over you as the song begins to take off. Both melodic sections are reminiscent of massive techno anthems. This leaves you expecting a bigger melodic future bass type section, but suddenly the drop kicks like a horse and dives into that grimey dark trap vibe. The drop is fully sent, bass face in full affect. It is driven mainly by deep 808s and a fast plucky laser-like synth. The end of each phrase is accented with a nasty growl sound. None of it feels formulaic, and none of the sounds feel overworked. The synth sounds all change in tempo or harmonic character just enough to make each sound as satisfying as the last, and the delay and interplay between the different percussive elements keep the dance floor locked in for both drops.

Here are the crates I’m putting this song into:

Invasion Trap, Dark Club, Hybrid Mosh, Poolside EDM 2021



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