Kazantzakis – OBIDA: Denali Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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Kazantzakis – OBIDA: Denali Records Release

[Greece-based] Kazantzakis goes another step further with the newest release on Denali Records titled ‘OBIDA‘. This wildly inviting and adventurously written trap tune is exactly what the future has in store. The orchestral infusion with chants, percussions, woodwinds, and incremental crescendo to the introduction is jaw-dropping and eyebrow raising with each and every clap it builds with.

Drawing you in by a hollowed clap, a drum hit, and the catchy deep vocals; Kazantzakis does a damned good job right off the bat. His middle is just as intoxicating with the incredible ability to mix high and low vocals to captivate the listener unwillingly.

OBIDA‘ isn’t your tip of the mill trap track. This is very cinematic and upbeat enough to rock it hard at the streams, clubs, and festivals this spring, summer, and beyond. Take a listen for yourself to get lost in Kazantzakis‘s sauce of sound. Again, and again, we recommend it!

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