HippieFlipped – [Artist Interview Part 1] Takeover Week (4/20 Edition)

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Welcome back, HippieFlipped! This go-around, for your own takeover, and for a whole f**king week!


Q1: For anyone who didn’t get introduced in our last interview;  can you briefly discuss who you are and how HippieFlipped came to be?

A1: For anyone who didn’t get introduced in our last interview;  can you briefly discuss who you are and how HippieFlipped came to be?
So basically it started out as my brand for a skateboard based clothing company I tried running. We made tie dye tees with our own graphic and it was pretty rad. Right around the time I was making shirts I started going to my local edm shows, and some festivals. Really fell back in love with bass music and decided I was going to try and start making tunes. I decided what better name to go by then HippieFlipped? I already had an idea for branding so I went with it.

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Q2: Bass music is your go-to genre. What is it that bass music offers to you that another genre (or subgenre) necessarily doesn’t do the trick, time and time again?`

A2: Honestly man its the shear impressiveness I hear from producers making it. To me the complexity of the ideas, mixing, bass, crazy sound design and ultimately the raw feeling you get from these tunes.

They can have some of the most hype you’ve ever hear while incorporating some of the best melodic elements. And some people may laugh at this, but the diversity in the bass music scene is one of the biggest reasons. There are so many ways to do it, so many different sounds, and there is always someone coming up with something new.

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Q3: Club setting, event in a stadium, or open-air festival; favorite to play/attend and why?

A3: Honestly they all have their place in my heart, but playing/ attending festivals I think is by far my favorite. You get to meet an insane amount of people from all over the place. I’ve made some really cool friendships that way. Not to mention the experience of the whole sensory overload of beautiful lights and sounds haha. It is honestly magical.

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Q4: Your most recent track ‘Love’ is definitely a favorite of ours (next to ILL SHIT). What can you tell us about the backstory and creative mindset that release (at the time of creation) requires of you, mentally?

A4: Thank you homie, it’s pretty much always random. Finding cool samples or making cool bass synths and sometimes it all just kind of comes together better than you could of imagined like in those cases haha. I really don’t have any formula except sit down and get to it. It definitely doesn’t always work. A lot of trial and error.

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Q5: Is there someone or something outside the EDM industry that inspires/influences you and your music?

A5: Yeah man for sure! All sorts of people from J Cole to Metallica, skateboarding for sure for the culture and the people. And I get a lot of my musical inspiration from classic rock tunes. Anything that has that raw mentality is a huge influence in my music.

Q6: What can we expect in the semi-near future from the ‘flipping’ likes of HippieFlipped?

A6: Well most definitely some of the best music I’ve ever made. And hopefully some more live shows when things start fully opening back up again! 

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Q7:If you could leave a message for your fans and listeners, what would it be? 

A7: Be yourself. Do things that make you happy. Take care of your mental and your physical health, and try every day to be a little bit better than you were the previous day.
Love you guys!

Stay tuned for 6 more days



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