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Shmeeka Interview:

Hailing from the high plains of Wyoming, Shmeeka has amassed a loyal following due to his
high energy performances and unique blend of bass house, dubstep, and trap elements that make
his shows truly something to see. Known around Wyoming as a pioneer to the scene, a scene
builder, and an all-around party professional, Shaun “Shmeeka” Carabajal as worked tirelessly to
establish an EDM scene in the Cowboy State. Take a look as Shmeeka enters the storm and gives
us some insight into his life behind the decks.

Please welcome Shmeeka back into the storm!

Q1: DJ names are often very personal and unique and yours is no exception. How did you come
up with Shmeeka, and what does it represent to you?

A1: It started back when I was thinking of a gamer tag when I got an Xbox 360. I wanted
something that would be unique so I figured I would take the first two letters of my first name,
middle name, and last name would be cool. So for the longest time my Xbox gamer tag was
ShMiCa”. When I started DJing I needed an artist name so I figured I would use that but I
wanted to spell it phonetically so people would say it the way I do.

Q2: You have done a lot to help build the electronic music scene in the Cowboy State of
Wyoming which is certainly no easy task. Through that process, what have been the most
frustrating aspects, and the most rewarding, of building a scene in the 307?

A2: Sometimes it can bother me when people claim to be supportive of a scene but in reality
they won’t show up for local events because there isn’t a big name artist headlining it. I would
say it’s frustrating and discouraging for anyone in any music scene. There is a lot of local talent
that deserves to have some recognition when they play. As far as the most rewarding? Getting to meet people who love music and meeting other artists is always nice. Sharing a passion for
music and being able to discuss it with others feels therapeutic in way.

Q3: As you look back over the years, what moment or moments have meant the most to you in
your musical journey?

A3: Being around my friends and making new friends at shows, honestly. The shows out by a
lake, in the mountains, or makeshift venue are the best. Sitting around with a big group of friends
and new friends just vibing. There’s something special about that feeling and that feeling is

Q4: Describe “your sound” in at least 5 adjectives that are not associated with sound or noise.
(Ex. Chunky, Saucy, Ect.)

A4: Scruffy, adventurous, belligerent, sticky and slimy.

Q5: The first track of of your self titled “Shmeeka” EP is titled “Liquid Demons.” What is the
inspiration for and meaning behind this title?

A5: I wanted to make something dark and ominous so it needed a name that both described
the song and complimented it. I was staring around the room and saw the devil logo for fireball
and “Liquid Demons” popped into my head. Without a doubt one of my favorite song names too.

Q6: When you think of music as a whole, what does it represent to you? What does it evoke
within you?

A6: It means a lot to me. It’s like a doorway that lets me feel emotions. There’s music for all
type of emotions. I’ve spent time with music to forget the nonsense going on and sometimes I’ve spent time with music to release those feelings. I enjoy music as a whole because there is
happiness, angst, sadness, comedy, adrenaline, and more.

Q7: When looking to the world around you, from where do you most often draw inspiration
when writing music?

A7: You know those moments when you look at the person next to you when you hear a song
that absolutely blows your mind? I want to give someone that feeling. I also find inspiration in
all types of music but right now, musically, I enjoy midtempo, cyberpunk, gothic industrial type
of sounds. Dark and morbid with a mix of dubstep and house influences.

Q8: What is your personal favorite of the tracks you have written? Describe for us some of the
process and unique flairs that you added that makes this track stand out to you.

A8: The clap before the drop in my song Liquid Demons actually is a really low quality
recording of me clapping but I altered it just to see if I could do something with it. The second
drop I did some simple echo effects but tinkered around with the volume levels to give it some
flavor. I know that isn’t super technical but sometimes simplicity is the best choice.

Q9: We have heard quite a bit about “Shmeeka,” tell us a little about the man behind the figure.
Tell us about Shaun.

A9: I’m a super picky eater. I’m the worst Hispanic because I hate sour cream, avocados,
tomatoes, raw onions, and so much more.

Q10: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A10: I see myself either in Colorado or Arizona working on music still. DJing at venues but
hopefully making progress with my sound and enjoying myself as much as I have been the last
five years.

Q11: If you could perform at any event or festival, which would it be and why?
Red Rocks is on my list just like every other artist but realistically I also want to play at a
club in Denver. The Black Box, Your Moms House, Temple, and maybe even Beta. I’ve always
been a fan of the Colorado scene so I want to experience it first hand as an artist.

Q12: During the current pandemic, you have been utilizing social media platforms to
consistently bring live streams to your fans. How has this impacted your following? What did
you enjoy most about it? Any frustrations with the streaming?

A12: Live streaming has helped me reach out to more people and stay connected with people
that are not able to listen to me locally. It gives me a chance to personally connect with people
that hop into my stream. It gives people a chance to see a bit of my personality and playing
music in a less tense scenario. While it’s hard to keep people’s interest during a stream I do
enjoy being able to connect to a group of people.

A13: Prior to our interview, you told me that you would be most comfortable discussing the topics of Dr. Pepper and cheese and so the remaining questions will pick your brain on these riveting

Q13: Dr. Pepper is certainly not shy about saying that the secret to its crisp taste is the inclusion
of 23 specific flavors. If you were responsible for adding a 24th flavor, what would it be and

A14: Fireball because it’s delicious and compliments Dr. Pepper. I’m sure no one will be
surprised by that answer.

Q14: What Dr. Pepper flavors pair best with which cheese varieties? (Ex. Cherry Dr. Pepper &

A14: I don’t know if I could eat just cheese with a Dr. Pepper necessarily, but I will say that a pretzel
with nacho cheese goes great with Dr. Pepper. I am sure there is a monster out there that is
devouring some cheese and slamming a Dr Pepper though.

Q15: Who cut the cheese?!? As we conclude, I just want to thank you very much for your time. Where is the best place for our readers to find your music and keep up with your journey?

A15: Thank you for the interview as well. You can find my music on any music streaming website
(Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc) and I will be releasing some new songs within the next few
weeks. Also, Big Redd cut the cheese.

Thank you, Shmeeka!

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Interviewed by: Steven Winer
Edited by: Garth Jones


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