DEAD – PROTOTYPE: Wicked Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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DEAD – PROTOTYPE: Wicked Records Release

[United States-based] bass music artist DEAD is undeniably making others faint, croak, and keel over with his newest release titled ‘PROTOTYPE‘ out now on Wicked Records; get ready as it truly brings you to your knees.
The immense power behind each and every crevasse of the creation is remarkable in sound and reaction. Bringing together a dystopian feel across the whole production, the robotic, well-structured design, ultimately creating an environment of apocalyptic artificial intelligence for your ears and mind.


From the beginning, your mind is taken into the realms of DEAD and his way of thinking. It is clear to us, this artist has no regard for leaving you jaw-dropped and thirsty for more. ‘PROTOTYPE‘ is pure example of what sort of futuristic sounds, unheard of bass, and a constant alertness throughout this grand masterpiece.

The art combined with this end-all-be-all track is again an empirical proof of what imagination, creation, skill, and drive can allow a human to do (or robot). Do yourself the mortal justice of playing, replaying, and repeating this process to get the full-effect of this bass-forward banger.

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