VYYL – NXTLVL Virtual Massive: WTF’s That Sound Takeover Live Stream [Artist Interview]

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VYYL – NXTLVL Virtual Massive: WTF’s That Sound Takeover Live Stream


Welcome back, VYYL!

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Q1: Welcome back to our thunderous storm, VYYL! What is new and exciting in your lives?

A1: Good to be back! We have quite a few exciting things going on in and outside of music right now. With shows still being out of the picture in Canada, we are always finding ways to stay busy until they return. Working on lots of original music, lining up releases for the summer (lots of camping trips too of course), and making the most out of the time we have together. Doing lots of life upgrades while we have this downtime, but anxiously waiting for things to get back to normal out here!  

Q2: We are so f**king excited for your set for this NXT LVL: WTFs That Sound Takeover! What can we expect from your performance that may differ from a previous set of yours?

A2: Our sets are usually a good blend of genres with a lot of high-energy tracks; for this set, we wanted to slow things down and get weird. Taking the audience on a more spiritual journey through low-end frequencies and hybrid sound design. Not to mention some more unreleased music as well! We couldn’t be more excited to switch things up and showcase the other side of what VYYL is about.

Q3: ‘Frame Shift’ is out now! What a crazy and heavy tune for all! How do you both feel about the track now that it is being so well-received?

A3: We’re incredibly excited about how well this track has been received. As all artists have their doubts when releasing tracks that are a little different than the usual, we stuck with our guts on releasing this and stayed confident that our audience would like it. Our tracks are always different from the last, we just write what we write and put it out there. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that our supporters vibe with the diversity we try to bring to the table.

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Q4:Is there someone or something outside the EDM industry that inspires/influences you both and your music?

A4: At the risk of sounding corny, I would say our biggest inspirations are each other. We feed off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are constantly pushing ourselves and each other to try new things, become stronger in all aspects of life and keep each other on track. We’re heavily influenced by art, nature, culture, and a wide range of music veering from heavy metal, classic rock, punk, and hip hop. We strive to always find inspiration in our day-to-day lives, you never know where it’ll hit you!

Q5:When it comes to the experimental bass/trap methodology, how do you approach a seemingly infinite pool of possibilities?

A5: When it comes to us writing experimental bass music and trap, there’s never a plan. It may start out with one simple sound, messing around with it for a while, and an idea sparks from it. In a genre with so many possibilities you kind of just have to go with the flow, and whatever comes out is what you work with. Sometimes you’ll go into writing a heavy song but hear one little weird noise that you like, and it sparks a whole different project. That’s the best part of writing music in general; endless possibilities!

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Q6:What is next for VYYL? Soon and distant future, any plans we can anticipate?

A6: We have focused this year around doing much more self-releasing, and putting a lot of focus into the release of our debut EP coming in August. We also have a few other label releases lined up for throughout the summer, so you can expect a ton of new music this year as we wait for live music to come back for Canada. We are also in the process of designing our first line of merch which we are extremely excited for, along with a new website!

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Q7: At the current moment, who is on your radar? Give them that astounding shout-out! 

A7: We’re blown away by the amount of talent we’ve been surrounded with lately. It seems like the underground has come to the forefront of music and we couldn’t be more proud of all our friends accomplishing their dreams. We have to give some shout outs to Xotix, Say Word, Big & Slim, XAVAGE, FREEWILL and of course The Goblins Lair and Recall Network. An unbelievable amount of talent from all over the map.





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