MIRR.IMG – NXTLVL Virtual Massive: WTF’s That Sound Takeover Live Stream [Artist Interview]

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MIRR.IMG – NXTLVL Virtual Massive: WTF’s That Sound Takeover Live Stream

[Interview: MIRR.IMG]

Q1: Welcome to our ever-growing storm, MIRR.IMG! What can you tell us about the beginning days of the journey through sound as a producer? Where/when did this choice come to be?

A1: My journey started after attending my first festival back in 2009 (How Sweet / Beyond Wonderland). I was so enthralled with the experience and music that the next day at work I googled “How to make EDM.” The following day I toured the OG campus of Icon Collective and about 6 months later I was enrolled and in school. Here I am 3 projects and 11 years later. 

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Q2: We are immensely excited for your set for this NXT LVL: WTFs That Sound Takeover! What can we expect from your performance that may differ from a previous set of yours?

A2: For this set, I’ll have a whole new visual experience along with some new ID’s that will have you in a neck brace. The set will also dive into several subgenres of bass music keeping my set interesting and fresh.  

Q3: ‘Monster’ is out now! What a wildly addictive track to listen to. In terms of the creative process, what was summoned to make that track?

Monster actually stemmed from my “Creepy Sound” release. I wanted to create a play off of the horror theme from that song and dig deeper into the idea of the monster behind the creepy sound.

Q4: Your track ‘Creepy Sound’ is out on Subsidia Records. Congrats! What sort of headspace was needed to develop this masterpiece? What about when you heard the news ‘Creepy Sound’ was getting picked up by X’s team?

This track actually started off as a “Netflix and Rip” session. When I am feeling uninspired and don’t feel the urge to sound design, I will take vocals from my favorite shows or anime to help me create a built-in theme for the song. This helps supercharge my writing process and provide new avenues of inspiration.
I had been in contact with Excision for a few months sending songs over here and there. After he heard “Creepy Sound” he wrote back asking if it was signed to a label. At that moment I started to freak out. This was before any mention of Subsidia so I had no idea what was in store for the song. All he said was that he was starting a project and that it would be about 6 months before I would hear from someone. I was overwhelmed by the anticipation and my relationship with the Subsidia team has really propelled my project forward.

Q5: What is your favorite food? The fans would like to know!

A5: Nothing hits like Sushi. 

Q6: MIRR.IMG is vastly unique. Not only your music but the overall imagery and vision you have. What keeps you inspired daily?

A6: As I mentioned earlier I pull a lot of creativity from tv and anime. I love hearing a quote in a show like “What is this weird sound”  then sitting down and trying to create the weirdest hard hitting sound. I’ve also been experimenting with a lot of “color bass” techniques which I think is the future of EDM music.

Q7: Who is killing it on your radar? Give them a luminous Mirr.img shout-out! 

A7: Gawm
Killin’ Void
Adam Jasim
Future Twist
Chuck None
Ace Aura



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