Manic – The Producer Who Makes Deranged Computer Sounds [Artist Spotlight]

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[by: Sarahi Pelayo]

[Las Vegas producer] Manic is 25 years old and is making his mark in the city that doesn’t sleep. Originally he set his focus onto making future bass but his focus was soon stolen when he fell in love with dubstep and riddim.  Luckily enough when he decided to embark into his music production career he received full support from his family and friends. 

Manic like many rising producers is self-taught and has learned most of his information by going online and searching up videos. His constant drive for motivation is his daughter, she is the one that keeps him going and wanting to do better. 

COVID-19 impacted many people’s lives and unfortunately he was included, he was laid off of his job for almost a year. Although this life altering event occurred it was just a mere obstacle he managed to overcome with his drive to create music.

Manic was diagnosed with bipolar depression and that’s how he came up with his stage name. Although diagnosed with mental health issues he made that a backbone for what he wanted to do with his platform. 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental health issues, and about 51% of adults go their whole life without being aware. 

If given the chance Manic plans to grow his platform and help advocate for those with mental health, he would love to “start a label to help others”. Manic’s goals for label releases are on Never Say Die, Gud Vibrations, and Subsidia in which he is slowly working towards that by already releasing on Xile Collective and AY YO TRIP Records.

His track ‘Error’ was released on March 12th on Xile Collective and if you want to get a better idea of his flow and his talent then head over to give it a listen! This song doesn’t hesitate to get into beat as it opens up with a vibey feel to it then starts with the kick getting quicker, then the beat drops and you can hear this sharp lazer sound come in. The song itself holds a catchy flow that doesn’t fade, towards the mid ending of the song it switches up to something darker but with the same vibey feel still intact and it compliments both sounds equally.

by: Aftertaste Design

Gospel Riddim‘ will be his newest track released, a date has not been set but make sure to keep checking his social media for the announcement!


If you’re struggling with mental health please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, they are available 24/7 at [ 800-273-8255]




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