BASSCVLT Presents: BLAZECVLT Featuring BENZO$, SPACE RACE, W.A.S.H., and MANY MORE! (4/20 Edition) [Compilation Write-Up]

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SPACE RACE | Tuna Melt | Chip E | Squachek | BENZO$ | INF1N1TE | W.A.S.H. | Universe |
Pretty Sweet | H8ful Ape | Casinelli | Gainchanger | R/Ø/M | Ozia


Bass music comes in different variations, styles, and obviously (sub)genres; which is exciting! You can always find something in this spectrum of sound that is fit for any headbanger or cry-banger. Luckily with compilations, you can get a handful of music in one place! Most of the time they maintain and stick to a certain genre, by the looks of it; this one is riddled in bass music. F**k yes!

BASSCVLT rounds up a hellacious lineup of talented tune tycoons for one downright dope compilation album eloquently titled ‘BLAZECVLT‘. With tracks lining the album named like ‘Dank‘ by Space Race and Tuna Melt, ‘Weed Laser‘ by BENZO$ and INF1N1TE, and ‘Blaze It Up‘ by Casinelli and GAINCHANGER, ‘My Weed‘ by Chip E and Squachek; you can instantly get the feel for this atmosphere (and yes, it’s smoky).

Filling out the rest of this star-studded, and bowl-packed lineup on BASSCVLT’s BLAZECVLT Compilation Album is the duck duo W.A.S.H. and SVMUEL’s track ‘Stay With Me, ‘Invasion‘ by Universe, Pretty Sweet’s ‘Poltergeist, ‘Last One’ by R/O/M, Ozia’s ‘War Within’ and, ‘The End Is Near’ by H8ful Ape. It is utterly packed with over-the-top music!

Pick your poison, or actually pick them all; we did.

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