HippieFlipped – KILLAS [Track Write-Up] Takeover Week Edition | Day 4

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KILLAS [Track Write-Up]

By: Garth Jones

[Boise-based] dubstep is back for his fourth day here in the downpour. Each day better than the last. Day one, we got to know a dash more about his bringer of bass. Day two, we took a bit of a deeper look into his track ‘ILL SHIT‘ (which is a banger everyone should listen to). Day three, he supplied us with a heaping amount of tunes, IDs, edits, and more in his official guest mix (found below). Today, on day four, we enter the world of ‘KILLAS‘ from HippieFlipped, meandering our way around, sulked in bass. Are you ready?

‘Riding Around With The Killas’
‘Whatchu Gonna Do For A Million?’

KILLAS‘ is the hustle, bustle, and grime of the dubstep spectrum sitting at a mean 3:38 and heavy-as-f**k. Utilizing the lower-end vocals from a notable rap beat sample, getting obliterated by a supplemental drop so f**king loud and precise your grin flares up, it resonates as ‘oh my g*d’ moment.
Each time that bass punches you know HippieFlipped has another one right around the corner twice as powerful, leaving an everlasting sink in your jawline. ‘KILLAS‘ not only garners a severe amount of unrelenting bass, but you can rest assured this beat is also laced with orchestral notes, and hyped-up synths that cut right through the bass, complimenting and fortifying the track.

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photo by: Frank Owens III

We are eager to keep showing you all things HippieFlipped this week! This bass music producer utterly decimated the dance floor for his listeners and fans alike and we of course know how and why! Keep following along as we have one more interview, a Snapchat Takeover, as well as a Instagram Takeover planned! See you tomorrow!

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