Say Word – Kill Proof: Emengy Records Release [EP Write-Up + Interviews]

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Kill Proof EP Tracklist:
Dreams | Stomp X INF1N1TE | Bad | Fa Fun X Atak | Kill Proof


[Colorado-based] aficionado of sound and selection Say Word rejoins our storm for one helluva EP titled ‘Kill Proof‘ out exclusively on Canadian-located label Emengy. Teaming up with the likes and luster of INF1N1TE (on Stomp) and Atak (on Fa Fun), you can listen safely knowing your ears are about to succumb to the power and passion of Say Word. Fortifying and structurualizing the remainder of the EP is Dreams, Bad, and the flagship track Kill Proof.

The EP, ‘Kill Proof‘ is an aggregation and end product of Say Word‘s skill, experiences, and overall display of artistic-articulation. This Centennial State resident is all the craze when it comes to bass, hybrid-trap, insane dubstep variations, and all-around hip-hop/rap influence that he so eloquently garnishes on his repertoire of developments. Keeping it fresh around every corner and in between any crevasse of opportunity. Say Word is the epitome of next-level thinking.

Never settling for less, his arsenal of auditory assault grows at an alarming speed. Not even before you’re done rocking, enjoying, and frankly obsessing over his latest release; he is indeed already geared up to mutilate your mind one more time. Each track and release are increasingly well-designed each and every time. He is downright, a don of delivery, and a tune-factory just pumping them out effortlessly.

Say Word, impervious to damage; adds another gem and jewel to his ever-growing crown atop his head. This time he assimilates flashy-five new tracks, all polished, shined, and ready for you to be blinded by their luminosity.


Say Word; let’s bust into this interview first…


Q1: Kill Proof is out now on Emengy! It has finally happened and we are thrilled to get the opportunity to speak with you regarding the extended play. Since Kill Proof‘s fruition, how have you felt about this EP? Creating it, monitoring it, and ultimately releasing it? This must have been an emotional and adventurous endeavor in your music career, right? 

A1: It was for sure. The wild shit was. I’m was sitting on like 16 bangers and could only choose 5. But then, If I pick 5 bangers out of the 16. Did I really make an EP or just make a compilation? So decided I would pick 1 banger and write the rest.


Q2: The tracks and collaborations in this EP are immensely well-crafted and curated. Each one adding a unique installation to the totality of the release. In what ways did you explore your creative side to manifest this masterpiece?

A2: Atak and I go way back. So I have a better ability when it comes to writing something he’ll spit on. On our track Fa Fun I wanted to get a full representation of us. On Atak’s part, it sounds like HipHop meets Trap which definitely reflects Atak and I’s music background.
On the drop. It’s no secret that Atak has lived a much harsher life than most. He’s a really thorough dude in the streets with mad clout. So I wanted to give it this big empowering brassy vibe. Although, reflect the darker challenges that Atak has persevered through and conquered. 
Drop 2 represents the conclusion to everything we’ve been through and now we are comfortable.   

When I’m working with MC’s I try to dial into the personality of the MC. On Stomp with INF1N1TE, in my opinion, he has this bouncy, colorful but aggressive personality. I wanted to write something that would give it that “party and bullshit” meet the “bang your head type feel.

Q3: Emengy is the conduit who is releasing your maniacal Kill Proof EP. What an achievement that now nestles under your belt of beats and bass-forward creations. When or what was that moment like when you knew this was the label for the release versus self-releasing?

A3: I mean we all know I been rockin’ with [e] for a min. F’n love them, dudes. So it was pretty much just Nick (management) calling me up and saying. “yo dog, you’re doing an EP and it’s releasing in March. Nick has been managing me for a minute now and he’s always steered me in the right direction. So I just follow his lead, most of the time.


Q4: Dreams, Bad, and Kill Proof are all you and your intellectual property. Down to their unfathomable cores, each one brings a fire and riveting attraction to tie the whole EP together quite-well. How did you approach the design, structure, and layering to make what we see today, Kill Proof; the EP?

Dreams, is just real-life shit for anyone with ambitious goals.  We are all out here trying to make a way [to live]. We all struggle and we all hustle. So I was very much reflecting on my life and showing respect to the people that rode with me.

Bad: Man I don’t ever hear heavy bass artists writing songs empowering women. With so many strong successful women out there. I wanted to write music about it. So Bad is a huge shout-out to the ladies of the heavy bass world and beyond.

Kill Proof: Man, really just flexin‘ me. Maybe letting some haters know I am who I am (past, present, and future) and I’m not going anywhere. This is Say Word so deal with it lol. It somewhat reflects some of my life experiences that by good luck, I’m still alive. Really just wanted to write something that suited me. TBH KP is my favorite song on the EP.


[ Dreams ]

Dreams‘ takes charge loudly and immensely well-heard. Your eyebrows sink and your grin gains curvature because when the music takes hold like this, only a villainous attitude is left behind. Instantly Say Word delivers a creatively dynamic bass tune that is layered and laced with voracious bars and samples.
To remind the audience –

‘Doing what I had to do’
‘To make sure my family was cool’
‘Now I give my everything, grinding and chasing my dreams


[Stomp X INF1N1TE ]

Stomp‘, the stampede of soundscapes and lyrical covalence. Joining in on this extravagant auditory adventure is none other than INF1N1TE. Canadian-resident, Emengy affiliated artist, and tyrant of talent; he adds his unprecedented touch on Say Word‘s production to ultimately give us ‘Stomp‘.


Quick Question for INF1N1TE:

 Laying it down on Kill Proof with your collaboration titled ‘Stomp‘ which you supply a mean dose of lyrics and luster for the masses. Can you breakdown your creative-process behind your efforts with ‘Stomp’? When/how did you know what bars and lines to throw down for this particular collab?

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INF1N1TE‘s Answer:

Thanks! This track was a really fun one and there really wasn’t a ton behind the writing on my part. Cody [Say Word] sent this demo over and basically just said he wanted something that went hard enough to fit the track and something hard for the pre-drop vocal. I really just had fun with this one and flexed some Jordan‘s, my music, and my work ethic. Haha. Normal fun shit.


[ Bad ]

Bad, comes as no surprise as wildly creative and initially upbeat track from the EP. Looping around, circumventing your mind, it winds back relentlessly dropping. The sheer magnitude in madness afoot here is flooring. The hip-hop and rap lyrics that intertwine this heavy-bass track into one cohesive piece is really what supplements the intricacy here. You know she bad? Now, we do.


[ Fa Fun X Atak ]

Fa Fun (with Atak) softly comes in then Atak rolls in with some immensely well-crafted words for the track. The anthem of the spring into the summer has been made for any bass-forward trap-head. Although very decadent and rich in content the track only lasts long enough for you to create a thirst for more. Atak drives in the notion with less is more, and Say Word brings it all to life with the eccentric and eclectic soundscapes and the auditory urban-environment he manifests.

‘I put a halo on your head and we can play fa fun’


Quick Question for Atak:

 Your collaboration with Say Word titled ‘Fa Fun‘ is wildly impressive and downright badass! In what ways did you prepare and approach this collab? What mindset did you have to get into?

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Atak’s Answer:

I don’t really think it’s a mindset. I know as an artist this is what we do. If I don’t catch a vibe I pass. Say Word always puts shit together he knows I’m fuckin with. He makes that crazy drum patterns I catch all the time. It’s easy to work with a genius like him.


[ Kill Proof ]

The flagship track ‘Kill Proof’ declares it is a cut from a different cloth. This bass-forward installation to the overall EP is precisely the ender you need. A cherry on top, the sprinkles, and the aerated whipped-cream! Although, this track isn’t the sweet, dessert-like finale you may have in mind. This is a food fight and your face and ears are the target.
Kill Proof takes dominance in its first round of revelling sounds.


[ Click HERE to stream the Kill Proof EP]


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