Superfan Series: Soriah Suggs – The Undying Fan of Excision, Destroid, and Lost Lands Music Festival [Superfan Interview]

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[By: Garth Jones]

Superfan Series: Soriah Suggs – The Undying Fan of Excision, Destroid, and Lost Lands Music Festival

Let’s get to know Soriah Suggs, the Excision Superfan.

Q1: For anyone who doesn’t know you or your undying passion; please elaborate! Who are you and who is the artist at hand we are fantasizing over?

A1: My name is Soriah Suggs I also go by Destroid Queen or Subsidia Queen, I am 20 years old. My birthday is January 12th and I am a hugely passionate fan of the artist, Excision, been loving his music for almost 8 years so far and have not lost my love for the music.

I am a highly energetic human with a heart full of love for everyone I meet. I am full of laughs, smiles, and energy that I like to express every day on my social media pages.
I promote music for fun, make photo edits for fun, and love to dance, sing, headbang, gush about Excision and dubstep AND make people smile every day.
I am also a gamer, writer, with a very active and creative mind.
I am an extreme dubstep enthusiast, I go crazy from the slightest WUB.

Excision is a Canadian producer/DJ for those who do not know who he is.

Q2: Where did this love for Excision come from? Take us back to that moment in time and where was it?

A2: This will get emotional but back in 2014, my life was pretty empty for the most part, I was trying to find myself even though I been through a pretty rough childhood. Chilling in my living room on a chill summer night, was the night my life will change forever. I was on Spotify, browsing through playlists and radio stations as music was becoming the only thing really keeping my head up.

As I was going through songs, one stood out to me, “X Rated” by Excision featuring the MC, Messinian. Upon hearing it, I was in awe at how dark it sounded to me. The drop startled me but gave me a rush I have never felt before. I knew right after hearing that song that I wanted more so I looked through Excision’s music and became more hooked. 2016 was the year I came out of just lurking through the music. I was on Facebook now, started posting about Excision and how much I enjoyed his music. That is when I was added to the group, “Excision’s Headbangers” I was so happy to have been added to a group of people like me.

provided by: Soriah Suggs

It was the beginning of my life in the Bass scene. I was already noticed by the man himself when I posted in the group which had me stoked. I moved over to Twitter and Instagram and started posting about this new found passion I kept hidden for a year and a half. I got even more stoked when Excision followed me on Twitter, never feeling so happy in my life being noticed by the one whose music saved my life. I even shared my love for the many artists I found along the way when I got hooked on this music. I felt like me for the first time in my life of thinking I would never find a passion. 

Since then, I continue to keep all tabs with Excision, I wanna know everything about his music!
I already have a lot of knowledge about it of course.

If I ever meet him, I will thank him for being the reason I am here today, his music really is one of the biggest things that helped me through hard times.


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Q3: Right now, what is your favorite Excision track and why?

A3: Right now, my favorite track has to be his collaboration with Dion Timmer Home” because I am finally going to Lost Lands and Lost Lands is home.

No photo description available.


Q4: Of all his adventures, side projects, and aliases; what is your favorite from Excision? (minus Excision himself)

A4: Destroid, I absolutely love the concept behind it, alien robots that come to take over the world, conquer the universe, and destroy the weak. Absolutely next level.
I think about them a lot, I see the alien trio as my protectors.
If I ever see them in real life, I may faint.

Also his old label Rottun and his new label Subsidia, both amazing labels!!
Of course, I am known as Subsidia Queen since I will be gushing over Subsidia a lot!

Lost Lands, such a creative idea turned into the best place ever in Bass, the land of BASS and DINOSAURS!!! I am glad to finally see it myself, a true dream come true for me!

Excision’s creations are always so mind-blowing and it is hard to choose just one, he is a GENIUS.

You can tell Excision and his team put a lot of time and effort into making us fans stare and scream in awe. I will never stop being blown away by everything he and his amazing team does.

Excision is a hard-working man and he loves what he does, we really do not deserve him, he is wholesome and so is every human being involved with making a lot of his projects and creations happen.

Let’s talk Subsidia for one second; I am blown away by how many small artists Excision put on the label, giving them a chance to shine in the scene. Absolutely wholesome and such an amazing way to discover new music and styles of music! My mates do not call me Subsidia Queen for nothin’, haha!

I know I am gushing at this point but I have to express just how much of a fan I am of Excision.

One of my main goals is to meet both Excision and Emma the king and queen of Bass!

provided by: Soriah Suggs


Q5: You are going to Lost Lands! How unbelievably exciting for you and all the fans of Excision’s who knows who you are. Can you describe how this opportunity makes you feel?

A5: Man, when my friend texted me on that Saturday afternoon about a surprise, I was expecting him to get me merch, but when he explained the whole thing about having an extra ticket for Lost Lands, I just about cried. I thought I was never gonna be able to go, I really could not believe this is going to happen to me. Then I saw the post he made in the official Lost Lands group on Facebook, all the love I got, the many people saying I deserve to go out of everyone.

May be an image of 2 people
Lost Lands Music Festival

It was so very heartwarming that my friend and his S/O thought of me when they had an extra Lost Lands ticket. On top of that, it’s not just General Admission, it is VIP, Wednesday Early Access, and Camping Pass. What a treat that is to me, I have been blessed by the Bass Gods for sure.


Q6: First order of business at Lost Lands Music Festival? What does day one look like to you for a superfan?

A6: Never been to this fest before so who knows what will happen!

But I know the second I walk through those gates, I will be tearing up. I will be a hyper little superfan geeking over everything I see, especially the big huge stages.  I will also so what’s up to all the friends I come across!!

I can not wait to finally go home to the land of BASS and DINOSAURS!!!


Q7: Excision loves to do B2Bs with artists on the main stage across the planet. What has been your favorite B2B? Also, which one would you like to see that hasn’t happened yet?

A7: My favorite B2B has to be Excision b2b Downlink at Lost Lands 2018 at the Wompy Woods stage! Of course, I did not see it in real life, I saw many videos of the set and my goodness was it amazing. They dropped some classics and even dropped Destroid, absolutely had me screaming.

I would like to see Excision go B2B with Space Laces! They have made several collabs and I would love to see them both throw down back to back!


Q8: In what ways has bass music had a positive impact on your life?

A8: Bass music opened a whole world to me that I never thought existed, it has been keeping me at my happiest even if it is hard for me sometimes. I never thought I would be where I am today, never could have been if it weren’t for bass music. Bass music will always be a way of escape for me, it makes me smile.


Q9: For the readers and fans at home, walk us through your day-in-the-life of Soriah Suggs!

A9: Most of my days are spent jamming, gaming, and promoting music! I am also a writer and write pretty badass concepts about dubstep especially Destroid. I love dancing and singing so I spend some time singing and dancing, especially now prepping for 3 days of pure bass at Lost Lands. Also, I moderate KJ Sawka’s Twitch stream every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday! 


Q10: Shout out to your favorite people and artists who have helped, supported, and assisted your bass’d out love for electronic dance music and Excision at large! Show them all some love below!

A10: I want to give love and a huge thank you to Keith and Melissa for giving me the chance to go to Lost Lands, it really means the absolute most to me.

I want to give a huge thanks to Joshua, my best friend that has stuck by me for most of my bass life and never giving up on me.

Shouts to Subtronics for noticing my constant support on his Twitter

Shouts to Downlink who has also noticed my constant support on Twitter

HUGE shouts to Excision of course for noticing me as a fan and saving my life through music, if you see this article, X, you rule and I appreciate everything you do, your music continues to inspire me.

Shouts to Emma Livorno for the love on Twitter and for being an outright amazing human being.

Shouts to Excision’s team for being such an amazing group of individuals who inspire me to be more than just a fan. It is a dream of mine to one day be on the team myself!

A huge shout to KJ Sawka, I have become a part of his streaming from the beginning and have never missed one since. Big thanks to him for giving me nothing but good vibes and appreciating my hype nature in the chat on Twitch. Him starting the daily streams has changed my life during the pandemic.


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