Martiln – Overdrive: Evoked Natives Release [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Brandon Rafferty]

If the term “Beauty and the Beast” was a way to describe a song, Martiln’s Overdrive’ would be the definition. ‘Overdrive’ brings in a vibrant intro that has easily one of the most beautiful arpeggio progressions I have heard in a very long time.  Don’t be fooled by the vibes this intro brings however because it’s only the setup for a wild ride. 

Once that drop hits, Martiln displays a full arsenal of deep and grimy wubs that occasionally flashes a reminder of that intro progression mentioned before. The madness doesn’t stop there, however. Around the 3 minute mark, a section begins that I will not spoil, but I will say that it’ll obliterate dancefloors and have the entire crowd erupting in chants and energetic body movement at shows across the world. 

photo of: Martiln
photo by: vtmmrs

Shortly after a brief section of the intro making a return, our journey comes to an abrupt ending that leaves a dark and ominous echo, leaving a person to wonder what comes next in this adventure displayed here in ‘Overdrive’. 



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