PERSES | Code: Lockdown – Recall Network Takeover Live Stream [Artist Interview]

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Q1: Welcome PERSES! We are thrilled to have you. What can you tell us about your tenure in music? Where did this all begin for you as a music producer?

A1: Thank you for having me! I’m super stoked to be a part of this takeover of Code: Lockdown! My beginning in electronic music was like most people I think, and I still smirk thinking about it. One of my friends introduced me to FL Studio about 15 years ago, but it wasn’t until I heard Ewun (Kill the Noise’s former drum and bass project) that I thought “I bet can do this too”. So I opened FL Studio and very soon realized I could NOT in fact do that. That was the initial spark of inspiration that challenged me to learn everything I could about FL. 
A couple years after, I really started to want to do music as more than just a hobby, and thus Crystalize was born. Crystalize was my baby. I rose as Crystalize to a point where I was touring often, even with large acts of the time like Herobust, and I was making the best music I had ever made. Things were great, until an unfortunate event happened that burned the Crystalize project down to the ground. 
But from those ashes, PERSES was born. PERSES, being the titan of destruction and peace, fit perfectly with everything that I am and everything I stand for. This project feels like home to me and I couldn’t be more excited to let everyone experience the rise to power of PERSES

Q2: Recall Network has control of the reigns for this stream! In what ways are you gearing up to blow the masses away for this set?

A2: This is an absolutely high octane crazy set with lots of doubles, triples, and some crazy PERSES IDs. Not to mention some amazing accompanying visuals I cannot wait to share.

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Q3: Outside of this Recall Network Takeover presented by Code: Lockdown stream, what do you have planned forthcoming in the foreseeable 2021 for your fans?

A3: Tome of Energies. IYKYK

Q4: What has been your favorite/fondest memory with the Recall Network crew? Turn the clocks back with us and share a memory!

A4: My favorite memory with the Recall Network crew would have to be my first release with them. Aevum. Aevum was a crossover tune in which I made half of the song as Crystalize and half as PERSES. Recall helped me turn the release into quite a special experience for myself and my fans. They have always believed in me and I have so much appreciation for them. 

Q5: Who is on PERSES’s radar? Give them a healthy shout-out below!

A5: There’s quite a few people on my radar lately. Shöckface, Ghosts Are Real, INF1N1TE, SUMMXNS, LYNY, and the artists on the lineup for this event so don’t miss a single set if you can help it. The whole thing is STACKED! Every single one of the people on my radar are different in their own way and with their own unique approach to their respective genres. Nothing but respect for these artists pushing boundaries and leveling up the experience for their fans.




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