Nikki Layne – Always: Anti-Feel Records Release [EP Write-Up]

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[Houston-based] dance music artist Nikki Layne brings in a trio of upbeat tracks to keep your spring break energetic and fueled with music. Teeming with vigor, the tracks ‘Always‘, ‘Moving Forward‘, and ‘Here At Last‘ leave a lasting impression due to their highspeed captivation.
Nikki Layne recently scored a remix on [SHLLSHCK Artist] Good Vs Evil‘s Snake Charmer contest EP so he’s assuredly been hard at work.
With the amazing help and platform of Anti-Feel Records this EP has a definite place of reach as they are always there for the artist and their vision.

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To begin the EP, flagship-titled – ‘Always‘, creates a super-future environment where neon vibes and luminosity take centerstage. The empirical proof that high-energy music can instantly put you in a mode, place, or mindset is at play here. The journey this production takes you on is bright and filled with heavy electronica and house music notes that are dynamic and deep.

Secondly, ‘Moving Forward‘ introduces you to a virtual setting of punchy-hits and looping sounds to transform your very being. Taking it away, far away into a electronic fortress backed with arcade-based elements to encapsulate the vision Nikki Layne is displaying. ‘Moving Forward‘ is definitely worth more than or two listens to really get the whole package.

Lastly, to finish off the Always EP is ‘Here At Last‘; a spectacle to the auditory senses ending off with a finale of a lifetime. The everlasting crescendo of happiness and laced beats are fun and inviting. Backed with effortlessness, drums, and style this ender creates fireworks of joy. The simplicity of the finale is all the reason to go back to the beginning and play it again.

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