Triangulum Peace came across our radar when we did our initial write-up for Mad Mountain Music Festival. This band is formed of 4 members who all share a common goal, simply to play out their music to the masses. The quartet of surf-infused reggae style rock aggregates to a culmination of vibes and overall great music. The band has no limit on their aspirations and that’s exactly the mindset we all love to hear about. These guys are the exemplification of the eye-of-the-storm.
Without skipping a beat, we welcome Triangulum Peace to the storm.

Question 1: Thank you for joining us, can you give us a deep-dive into the backstory behind the name Triangulum Peace?

Answer 1:
It first started with me and my buddy who started goofing and writing songs together. I told him I wanted peace in the name he goes “The Triangulum Galaxy” I looked at him and we were like “Triangulum Peace” and we will be a three-piece when we get a drummer. It was just us back then (guitar and bass) playing the open mic and no drums. I look back on it and it was very amateur but that’s what you have to do to prove yourself.

Question 2: You are our first rock-band on the blog, which is utterly exciting to us. Can you introduce the band?

Answer 2:
We have Chris Stratch on Guitar and Vocals, Tyler Watson on Bass/Keys, Garrett Sharpnack on Drums and Darian Hurst on Trumpet


Question 3: What sort of genre and or music style is the band? Can you dial it in for us?

Answer 3:
Tyler- Reggae Rock.
Garrett– Reggae funk with some surf.
Darian- Slick reggae tone type mix between instrumentals with slick lyrics.
Chris– I would say we have a nice mix of that fat reggae tone with that smack of rock and overdrive.


Question 4: You are located in a vastly large state. In specific, Casper, Wyoming. What sort of advantages and disadvantages can you break down for us that ya’ll are faced with in the Cowboy/Equality State?

Answer 4: 
Darian-Big turnouts are hard and the population isn’t very large like a bigger city.
Garrett- Good qualities, it’s a fresh scene for our genre, it’s bad due to isolation especially now with COVID-19.
Chris- Its difficult to play what we do because reggae/surf just isn’t blowing up in Casper. The easy side is one of the first bands we were able to look like hey these guys are kinda on that path with us too we can learn from them.
Tyler- Lack of venue space if we had more venues we could book more gigs.

Question 5: What musicians and or artists can you say generated the inspiration behind forming such a unique and soon-to-be prolific band?


Answer 5:
Eazy Side, Motley Crue
Garrett- The Doors, Depeche Mode, Kaleidoscope
Darian- Masekela, 311
Chris- The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Post Malone, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and so many others.


Question 6: You are on the lineup for Mad Mountain Music Festival, what sort of exciting plans do you have for the one-of-a-kind music festival?

Answer 6:

Chris- Rock the house man! We’re planning to punch a hole in the sky.
Tyler- We want to make it a memorable moment for any new fans.
Garrett- Preferable to become more professional and renowned.
Darian- We want to make our mark and we’re coming to do that.

Question 7: Does the band have any rituals, routines, or simple to-dos before gearing up to practice and ultimately perform?

Answer 7:
– Practice every week we really make sure to nail every song so were all very prepared.
Darian- I like to sight-read and practice things like that.
Tyler– I double-check on all my equipment before the gig. It’s always good to double-check and I always jam out.
Chris- When I’m headed to the gig I blast my music so we can be ready and I can get in the right mind. It’s more spiritual.


Question 8: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) on the planet, who would it be and why?

Answer 8:
Tyler- Nikki Sixx
I think he’s a badass out of hell.
Darian- Wayne Bergeron, He has an outstanding ability as a trumpet player, a big inspiration to me.
Chris- Rastasarus or Stylie those guys are some great musicians, Post Malone, Motley too many to mention.


Question 9: How long have each of you been musicians?

Answer 9:
Tyler- I’ve been doing it for about 5 years.
Darian- I’ve been playing for about 9 years.
Garrett- I’ve been playing drums since I was 14 years old. I’m 26 now.
Chris– I’ve been playing guitar for around two years.

Question 10: What and where has been your favorite venue to play? In addition, where is the utopian venue for the band?

Answer 10:
Chris- The Bourgeois Pig
in Casper.
Darian- Carnegie Hall definitely.
Sky Terrace Bar and Lounge, they gave me my first gig.
Garrett- Sky Terrace
has a very friendly atmosphere.


Question 11: What sort of elements and or new additions to the band would you experiment with? Or have you all found your sound?

Answer 11:
Chris- Maybe keys for sure maybe an extended horn line or hand percussion the more sound the better.
Garrett- More hand percussion the better.
Tyler- Were almost there, about 90%.
Darian- We’re just vibing.

Question 12: Who is in your area do you believe deserves more credit and spotlight in their careers? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 12:
Eazy Side, Poetry No Prose, Wreckards 



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