JAYDE + RENN – Nobody Quite Like You: Front Artillery Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Written by: Garth Jones]

JAYDE + RENN – Nobody Quite Like You: Front Artillery Records Release


[Los Angeles + San Dimas-based] electronic dance music artists JAYDE and RENN grasp on, never letting go with their newest collaborative works titled ‘Nobody Quite Like You‘ out exclusively on Front Artillery Records.

Together, JAYDE and RENN combine forces to deliver a punchline of production that is well in to the future of skill. The beginning draws you in, obtaining your attention, with a on-going appeal that utilizes manipulated samples and vocals to keep your ears piqued and perked.
Dropping deep, the entryway to the initial surprise of a transition is mid-tempo, maniacal, and musically salacious. Increasingly melodic in sound, the contrast in energy is downright jaw-dropping. Like, c’mon that looping stutter effect is mind-blowing.

Keep this track near and dear as Front Artillery Records has put it on all their platforms for your listening, supporting, and sharing endeavors.

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