Calios – Full Throttle [EP Write-Up]

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[New York-based] electronic bass music artist Calios meanders his way into our torrential downpour carrying his two-track ‘Full Throttle‘ extended play. Making up the two-piece production is ‘Steamroller‘ and ‘Here Comes The Sun‘.

Each tracks is heavy, creative, and cohesive in structure. Calios really draws in the fashion of heavy music being unique, articulate, and downright destructive in nature. ‘Full Throttle’ is that EP.

From top to bottom, ‘Steamroller‘ is a experimental surprise. The natural bass and trap-forward angles and corners to the release keeps your mind relative and grounded for what to expect is quickly met with new sounds, concepts, and results.
Each way this track is perceived it is taken in with great appreciation. The countdown, immense basslines, and wailing side-notes/chirps are simply captivating.

‘Here Comes The Sun‘ captures your interest alarmingly fast, for all the best reasons. The gripping punches, synths, wickedly developed basslines are infatuating to your senses and ears as a whole.
Calios really drives it home with this installation to the Full Throttle EP.

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