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[Written by: Sarahi Pelayo]

2020 was a hard year for many people and Sinestra was, unfortunately, one of them, losing his job and his home didn’t decrease his morale, instead, something burned inside of him to create something in the midst of a downfall he formed a path upward. 

His inspiration to create led him to create Torment Audio, an Independent record label based out in Los Angeles. Originally this was created to help further his friends and his music career but it turned out to be something much more meaningful and productive. 

Everyone at Torment Audio plays a significant and special role. Sinestra has met these people at different stages of his life and they stood out to him because they have impacted his life in a meaningful way. 

Torment Audio started in September 2020,  is based in Los Angeles but not limited to its artists there, it has people from Mexico, Argentina, Ohio, Latin America, and many more around the world. The idea for this record label is “still underground, not so much mainstream dubstep.”

The whole creative aspect of this label is genius, they have their marketing and branding down and all this is done in-house. This is something much more than a label but a product of friends coming together to create something significantly genuine and ambitious amongst themselves and the best part is that they hold each other accountable to be able to do so.

Once a year Torment Audio releases a compilation called ‘Black Book’, Chapter 1 was released about 6 months ago featuring 6 artists and 5 songs that are all quality bass tune songs.

The marketing team has surpassed themselves, they hold themselves accountable to produce only quality content from their videos, to their posts, and even their artists. All their posts are planned approximately 2 to 3 months in advance that way they are on the right path of constantly being able to keep up with their posting and their exceptional principles.

The logistics behind their posting schedule are tactical and accumulates to each release posted every 15 days. After their initial post of teasing their audience, five days later comes a video to constantly keep their fan-based wondering then five days later comes the actual release giving their artist full exposure and promoting them as well. One of the more distinguishing factors of this label is that their artists will always be paid out whether it’s in royalties or something they have agreed upon.

Like each product of the business has a niche so does Torment Audio they have specifics and a style. In order to be considered for a spot on their albums, they have their PR team on the lookout for talent constantly. You can send them your demo through email [] or if they come across your music they will reach out. They want to help give a platform to underground dubstep and riddim producers.

Torment Audio has already 15 tracks on their SoundCloud with a climbing number of 700 followers and this is just the beginning for them. Their top played track is Booty’ by Laem which has close to 5 thousand plays. The flow of this song is so addictive it keeps the body responsive bouncing throughout. Their latest release is ‘Shuriken’ by Deucez [a producer based out on Michigan] that has been on the rise for the last 2 years. The intro opens up with a Japanese warrior feeling to it, the tempo slowly starts to build up with bass packed in. The peak of the build-up shouts out “Shuriken” and the drop explodes with intense bass throughout the whole tune.


“A special thanks to the Torment Audio investors” – Sinestra

Andy Shalita (Co-founder)

Team members:

Cody Price (Social Media)

Tyeler Jozeph (Merch)

Nathan Kavali (PR)

More Music:


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