Triggabyte: The Chopping Block – Brainsick Records Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1: Welcome to our thunderous downpour! In your words, what can you tell us about the origin of Triggabyte?

A1: The name originally came from putting words together and I just rolled with it. I first heard trance music back in 2005 when I accidentally downloaded a couple of DJ Dan songs from Limewire. A few years later I saw Funtcase perform live and decided that I wanted to produce dubstep.


Q2: In regards to this live stream ‘The Chopping Block’, how are gearing up to unleash a set different from your other sets?

A2: For this set I put a lot of focus in including way more original music than I’ve done in the past, featuring a ton of IDs from myself and friends.

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Q3: In addition to Brainsick Records’ ‘The Chopping Block’, do you have more tricks up your sleeve for the beginning of 2021? 

A3: I have a ton of IDs finished up and ready to go! I’ve also signed an EP and track to a couple of labels that I’ve been trying to get on for years! These new tracks are big improvements from my previous work.

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photo by: Doozy Cinema


Q4:  If you wanted to leave a message to your fans and listeners; what would it be? 

A4: I love you guys! You guys have helped me make it through and overcome some extremely hard circumstances so I can keep bringing you new tunes.


Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give a shout-out to who is killing it lately! 

A5: Over the past year I have been working very closely with a small group of producers who are killing it in the shadows and about to unleash a hell storm of music this year. Keep an eye on Viperactive, KALIBR, Bassgalaxy, Save Yourself & BVNISHED. Some other dope producers are KEROSENE, Soundwreck, Brunchbeatz, Hexadrone, SpaceYeti, Ruxxi, and way too many more to name. This scene is so full of talent.

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