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Q1: Welcome! We are excited to have you. How did Marual come to be and where did this all begin?

A1: Well, all this started about 7 years ago, I have been producing music for 7 years, I have really gone through many stages in my career, I started producing Future House, Deep House, etc. After several years I discovered the bass scene and I was fascinated. I went through various names like ‘Cosmyc’, ‘Sagot’, etc, I really had very good moments with these nicknames, but I didn’t feel comfortable with them, I felt that they didn’t represent what my music was, really these names didn’t have any meaning important and that is how ‘Marual‘ came about, which to be exact, is a very new project, I started it at the end of October 2020, that was when everything changed. This nickname came from the mix of my name, MArcos RUiz, ‘Maru’ and in the end, I just added two random letters of my second surname. I really feel very happy and comfortable with ‘Marual‘, and all the support that people give me is impressive, all this is thanks to them, and to the many friends that I have made throughout my career.


Q2: In regards to this live stream ‘The Chopping Block’, how are preparing to unleash a set different from your other sets?

A2: First of all, I am very grateful for the invitation to be part of this event, it was really something very surprising for me. For my set, I wanted to give my style a bit, show people a bit of what I like, I put some ID’s of mine that I hope they like as much as I do, and above all try to convey the same emotions as the music It provokes me and being able to share those moments with people. It is really something that I had never done (although I have been mixing music for several years), I tried to do my best and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.


Q3: In addition to Brainsick Records’ ‘The Chopping Block’, do you have more tricks up your sleeve for the beginning of 2021?

A3: Sure, I have some quite important releases on some well-known labels, I hope to be able to reveal this news little by little, as well as some collaborations with very important artists on the scene, which I hope you like a lot. Regarding more live events, I don’t have anymore, but I would very much like to continue participating in these types of events, I am open to invitations, I would appreciate it very much and it would be an honor for me.


Q4: If you wanted to leave a message to your fans and listeners; what would it be?

A4: First of all, thank you very much to all the people who support ‘Marual‘ and have always been there, and also to all the people who keep discovering me and like what I do, all this is thanks to you, and I will always be very grateful, everything I do is with a lot of love for you. The most important message I can give is never to give up, never abandon your dreams, there will be many days when we want to leave everything and not continue, but that is normal, if we really love and want what we do, we must continue, the effort is paying off, so yes, never give up on your dreams, believe me when I tell you that sooner or later all your work and hours of dedication will be worth it, just don’t give up.


Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give a shout-out to who is killing it lately!

A5: I know a lot of artists who are currently killing it. Some that I can mention and that are very good friends of mine would be: UZZI, Senri, FUGITIVES, Muray, Margwa, Notarin, Naifer, Jawken, AstralOne, Croogie, Aretrix, IORI, SHOCKZ, Triplet9, W8VZ, Skinny Flat, Orakol, LIGHT BVSS, Atr3us, EZEKIEL, Onozk, Fout, StaleBread!, Slag, SLVDGY, Rahmatut, Devouring Annihilation, etc. Among many others who are killing it, shot out these guys, they are doing big moves


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