Felony: The Chopping Block – Brainsick Records Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1: Welcome to our storm! Out of curiosity, what can you tell us about the background behind Felony?

A1. Jeez, the background of Felony makes me feel old. To sum it up I used to be a multi-genre DJ/Producer under the name Inspireme. After playing under this name from 2011-2016 I decided to kill it off since it wasn’t fitting the darker sound I had found. After seeing Jakes at Webster Hall in 2016 my sound took a large turn towards riddim dubstep. During that time I was also in a live Hip hop band called “Bird Zoo” that regularly traveled the midwest playing shows.


Q2: In regards to this live stream ‘The Chopping Block’, how are getting ready to deliver a set different from your other sets?

A2. I also approach my sets emotionally, I strive to set a tone for the way I feel at that moment and just push that as far as possible. This set in particular was really fun because it’s been a bit since I’ve done a live stream, being able to play a lot of fresh tunes right out of Reason felt great.

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Q3: In addition to Brainsick Records’ ‘The Chopping Block’, do you have more surprises up your sleeve for the start of 2021? 

A3. So with my tour “Hoes Mad w/Severe” being mostly canceled/postponed due to COVID last year, I’m more anxious and ready to hit the streets than ever. Several of the promotors from the tour dates have either locked in new dates or reached out to determine interest lately, giving me hope 2021 will be much better than 2020, as far as my music career goes.

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Felony 8:30 pm – 9 pm EST


Q4:  If you wanted to leave a message to your fans and listeners; what would it be? 

A4. I have 2 messages if that’s okay.

A.) Thank you so much for being here, the incredible support I’ve been shown in the last few years from music to hot sauce to empanadas, etc has been insane. All the years before 2019 I honestly thought something was wrong with me or my art, the feelings of success were few and far between. Now I can honestly say I feel like I have a team of FRIENDS behind me pushing me at every hurdle. Fans are cool, but making friends with every single one of you through social media, shows, gaming, shitposting, etc has been what’s made this journey so fulfilling.
B.) Push yourself, don’t ever give up. It’s an old saying that’s played out, but I promise with persistence you can do anything.

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give a shout-out to who is killing it lately! 

A5. My radar stays full with my guys in the Villianz, Rogues, Ayakashi who are always making big sounds, a lot of which are making large tunes undercover at the moment. All of the guys pushing the OG sound as well have my eye like Reductor, Skampa, Casey, Honcho, and others from their respective crews.


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