Decipher – Ancient Technique: Psychocybin Records | Deathstar Cult Ltd. (Co-Release) [Track Write-Up]

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[Wisconsin-based] electronic bass music artist Decipher has done it again. With the magical wave of his wand, he has managed to manifest another surefire knockout, only this time he has doubled up the air-support and has dropped a bass-bomb on us with ‘Ancient Technique‘, exclusively out as a co-release from Psychocybin Recordings and Deathstar Cult Ltd.

If we wind the clocks back (not too far), you may recall that Decipher had released his debut track ‘Sacrifice‘ with the aforementioned Deathstar Cult Ltd., and climbed charts instantaneously on several platforms, amassing thousands of listeners; and creating new fans in no time. This meteoric rise to notability and attention gave us the confidence to put him on our ‘21 To Watch in 2021‘ list at the beginning of the year, and rightfully so.

Now here we are, a couple of months later and Decipher is gearing up to unleash the second release of his career and now into 2021, we can only assume ‘Ancient Technique will soar. Now backed by the illustrious names of Psychocybin Recordings and Deathstar Cult Ltd., the bass oligarch we call Decipher can now allow his prophecy and destiny to be fulfilled; as his ancestors intended. Allow the bass to consume you, as it is his own ancient technique.

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