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Q1: What was your favorite part about this mix? Making it and preparing for it? 

A1: Our favourite part was definitely gathering some new IDs from friends to throw in here, being able to hear new music before it’s released is super special for us especially when it’s from people we care about and love to watch grow. Finding new underground artists is another huge part of building sets for us, there is so much undiscovered talent out there that we love to bring eyes to whenever possible.

Q2: Any certain tracks that are extra special? Which one(s) and why?

A2: We have a couple of tracks in here that are off our upcoming debut EP that we hold close to our hearts. We really tried pushing the envelope of our sound design for these new tracks, mixing emotion & heartache with uniquely crafted arrangements to bring out our best work and create something truly memorable.  We believe these tracks are a good indicator of the direction we are taking with VYYL. We also have our Nirvana remix in here that brought us a lot of special moments and memories & will always be one of our favourite projects we’ve done because of everything tied to it. 

Q3: What can we expect from you in 2021?

A3: As mentioned above, we have our long-awaited debut EP coming out on one of our dream labels, this is going to be a huge moment for us that we cannot wait to share. We also have quite a few collaborations in store and plan to do a lot more self-releasing this year. We are patiently waiting for restrictions to lift to get back to playing shows so we can share all this new music, but until then we are focusing on leveling up our productions as always, working with some new artists, and incorporating some new things into our presentation & branding. We’re looking forward to sharing more details on our debut EP soon! 

photo: boodang

Q4: If you can leave a message with your fans; what would it be? 

A4: It’s been a rough year for our community, and we can’t thank everyone enough for staying with us and showing us so much love and support. There will always be times we want to give up and hide away from the world, but pushing through the struggle is what brings growth. Never give up on yourself. Keep pushing and show the world what you’re made of!

photo: boodang


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