Evilnoiz: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1:Thanks for joining in on our storm, Evilnoiz! Who is Evilnoiz and where does this all begin? 

A1: Evilnoiz is a duo from France and Slovakia. It was created 3 years ago, after meeting on discord. We both had our own solo projects and after a few collabs, we decided to launch a new alias to release them. After a few months, we had the opportunity to sign a track on Buygore, which was definitely a huge boost! 

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Q2: Having dynamically incredible releases with Disciple, Subsidia, and frshblood, your 2020 has proven to be beneficially badass. In what ways do you want/plan to make 2021 even more impressionable and earth-shattering?

A2: We have a lot of unreleased music in our vault so 2021 is definitely going to be full of new releases. We also plan to do a full rebranding and to develop more a new and unique universe for our music and visuals. We can’t wait to show you what is coming!

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Q3:In particular, your collaboration with Samplifire, titled ‘HELHEIM’ is dark, treacherous, and ultimately gripping in sound. What creative process was behind your end of the collab?

A3: The collab all started when one of us met Samplifire in France, as we discovered we lived in the same town. We decided to start a tune together after the Disciple Contest this summer. Samplifire had already produced some viking riddim with Berserker so the idea was to continue in that direction and adding some evil sounds in it. We merged some basses and strings with the viking vocals and acoustic instruments. We wanted to make something deep and powerful, which had a clear coherent theme, and even the sub was purposely made from acoustic instruments. The full track was produced like a long progression, adding more and more elements to the main repetitive deep basses. We are all really proud of the result, and so glad for the feedback we had!

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Q4: What did we see during your set at Down The Rabbit Hole? What sort of evil and noisy surprises did you cook up? 

A4: You can expect a lot of heavy double drops, many unreleased evil tunes from us and from our friends. And if you listen closely, you will be able to hear the songs from our first ever EP. 

Q5:Who is on Evilnoiz’s radar right now in regards to music? Who do you see putting in the blood, sweat,and tears into their respective crafts?

A5: There are a lot of talented artists out there. 

To name a few: Mylky, Skrude, Dr. Ushūu, Myamo, Baerli, Karyuu, Welon, Aveon, not_equal


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