BAINBRIDGE: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be fans, who is BAINBRIDGE? Take us back to the beginning, will you?

A1. BAINBRIDGE is the battle between angels and demons, light and dark. My branding stands for the good and evil we all have inside of us and ultimately which path we choose. It stands for our struggles as human beings, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s here to draw light to issues that we all face and to let everyone know you aren’t alone.

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Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and performance? Anything badass planned in particular?

A2. From my set you can expect a ton of doubles and IDs from me and a ton of upcoming artists and friends.


Q3: 2021 is gearing up to be a busy year, for many? In what ways do you anticipate this year will be unique and simply refreshing for your music and brand?

A3. This year I’ve taken a bit of a step back and looked at what I really want to do with my project. I’m going to write more music that I like and sounds cool to me, as opposed to writing a certain way just for it to be “heavy” or a “club banger.”

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Q4: Your collaboration with Viperactive featuring Maxx Live is intense, heavy, and ultimately incredible. Was ‘Danger‘ easy or challenging due to the cohesiveness? What can you recall?

A4. We had a blast writing Danger. Everything came super naturally and we cranked the track out pretty quickly.

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a healthy BAINBRIDGE shout-out!

A5. Some of the artists I think are killing it right now that deserve more attention are Cripplingg, Welon, Sqishi, Jandi, Kozmoz, and Blvnkspvce to name a few.

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