As_Is – Across The Shadows [Track Write-Up]

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As they say two heads are better than one, right? As_Is, a duo of bass music producers sheds light on a whole new delivery of subtle darkness. Their newest chillstep release and debut track of 2021, eloquently titled ‘Across The Shadows‘ is exactly that, a featherweight-esque feature of melodic and serene soundscapes that is garnished and laced with vocals by Rissa Jade. Effortless and graceful, two synonymous words that can personify what the synergy is at work here.

From the beginning, Rissa Jade sets in an element of soft, cozy, and magnetic pull from her voice. As_Is fortifying those attributes with the studding of electronic perks and ornaments. The storyline and direction is apparent, as it is a conduit into the emotional state of sadness and grief. The remembering and reminiscing of a lost loved one or someone from another time. ‘Across The Shadows’ is a wintery jaunt with the ones who may be going through a hardship, a shout to the ones who are hurting, and a call to the ones who are crying.


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We are so pleased to have had the chance and blessing to hear this monumental ride through As_Is and Rissa Jade‘s exploration into emotion. Give it a listen and, gander into their glimpse of grief. Take a second to encapsulate yourself into it’s soundscapes and elements meant for deep listening with ‘Across The Shadows‘.

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