STVNK FVCE: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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[Interview: STVNK FVCE]
[by: Garth Jones]

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Q1: Welcome back, STVNK FVCE! We are genuinely gargantuan in elation, electrify us; what’s new? Let the storm know what is up!

A1: Hey guys! Thanks for having me back! I honestly havent been up to much recently, I’ve mainly been working and I also put a lot of time into this next livestream set, I’m super excited for everyone to see!

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Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and presence? Is anything exceptional planned?

A2: I’m pretty stoked for everyone to see it! I think it’s a decent set, the visuals are mean though! Definitely can’t wait for yall’s reactions!

Q3: 2021 is exhilarating and purveying. How do you plan to make this year stand-alone for your fans across the globe?

A3: It’s gonna be a great year, got some big stuff planned for it! Definitely would love to do more livestreams!

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Q4: STVNK FVCE has to have a mean set of bass, where do this liking derived from? Why bass-music?

A4: What got me into bass music initially was hearing it live at a show I was at in Winnipeg a few years ago. After I heard it live it just slowly started to grow on me! Fast forward to now and bass music is all I listen to! Eat sleep dubstep repeat!

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a wretched STVNK FVCE shout out!

A5: Oh man there are so many people out there killing it, but of course I have to mention the homies Flatland Funk and Zovah also Futureexit is a bad man! Then there’s VYYL, TORN, CHRMNDRS is definitely gonna go on a rampage this year! Of course we also got the all of the emengy fam as well! As I said earlier, there are just way too many to list!

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