VLCN – Florida’s Bass Titan of Darkness [Artist Interview]

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[Interview: VLCN]
[by: Garth Jones]

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Q1. Take us into the world of VLCN. Where did this all come to be? Where does the VLCN timeline begin? 

A1: The VLCN timeline begins in 2017. By that time I had been into EDM for about 7-8 years going to shows etc. But it wasn’t until one day at work when I was working in corrections a guy I worked with asked why don’t I just do that? And I asked myself why not? I love the music so much and have had a background in drumming since I was little. So I bought FL studio and for the next 2 1/2-3 years, I binged watched every single youtube video possible about music production. Until I felt comfortable enough to start letting people hear it. The name VLCN is pronounced Vulcan. I got it from my love of Star trek growing up as well as my love for the video game Smite. I just like how it looks without the vowels in it.

Q2. For the unknowing readers and your soon-to-be fans, what kind of music do you play? Where do this liking and choice derive from?

A2: I mainly play dubstep. But my main focus with my sets is to play the music I love no matter what. So my sets are usually 80/20 dubstep and another genre I’ve curated just for that show. Sometimes it’s melodic stuff sometimes it’s hybrid-trap or experimental bass but my sets will never be all one genre!


Q3. 2020 just ended, and to some that can be a blessing. How can you recall or recollect 2020 being a benefit and or used as an advantage?

A3: Well first let me start off by saying that COVID-19 was horrible for the majority of us. But it presented a unique opportunity to where I can spend way more time on music and I took advantage of the time that I was given. I had a lot of positive things happen to me this last year.

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Q4. Walk us through your track Deep Space, will you? Where and how did you find the inspiration to muster that track? 

A4: Well the inspiration for that track came from me seeing my favorite DJ, Liquid Stranger at Lost Lands 2019, and thought what would I want to hear at this exact moment. So, I save a little snippet to a voice note on the ride home then I went ahead and laid it all out. To this day, I believe it is the only deep dubstep track I’ve made.

Q5. If you could headline any festival in the world, where is it and who are you bringing with you?

A5: Lost Lands hands down. That festival is my home. And who am I bringing with me? If we are talking friends I’d bring my best friends and girlfriend. If we are talking other acts, Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo, ATLiens, Trampa, Illenium, and Blurrd Vzn to name a few.

Q6. What is a fun fact you want your fans to know about you?

A6: Uhm, probably that i am tall. A lot of people don’t expect me to be 6’4.

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Q7. Are there any plans or announcements we can anticipate for your upcoming 2021 year? What is on the agenda?

A7: I just had two huge announcements with my Subsidia release and now my song being featured in Fortnite, but I assure you the next one I have is just as big or even bigger! 

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Q8. Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a healthy VLCN shoutout!

A8: I’m going to go with Blurrd Vzn on this one; they are literally the future of trap music. Also side note the label Wubaholics is having exponential growth this past year I can’t wait to see where they go next

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