FiASKO + RAGE-BOT – CLUBROCKiN (GET iT POPPiN) [Triple Track Write-Up]

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This fast and fun mid-tempo track gets you up and moving the moment it gets going! CLUBROCKiN (GET iT POPPiN) instantly starts off heavy and upbeat while continuing to build into a beautifully ascended dubstep drop. Both FiASKO and RAGE-BOT really “get it poppin'” and show out this entire track by keeping that perfect deep bass music type intensity throughout. This one is a whole vibe by itself and is sure to have any dance music lover ready to throw down. 
Written by: Krystle Skyye

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In this epic collaboration, RAGE-BOT and FiASKO are a match made for one purpose…. bringing the vibe of the party to life! Lovers of many different genres will find something to love about this heavy, groove-filled masterpiece. The synth, FX, and foley work in the upper register is phenomenal. We are treated to sounds that are clean, melodic, and executed precisely. This adds well to everything from the flow of the drop to the atmosphere of the middle section of the track.

The different sections of the track all shine brightly and sound great no matter the medium the listener uses. It sounds great on a smartphone, headphones, monitors or home theater. I encourage the readers to try out different ways of listening to experience the way it effects how the song is heard by the ears. This track has aspects that appeal to the ear in each method of listening, which nicely translates the overall well rounded production talent of the artists.

Some notable moments for me personally were:

A. The producers flexing their ability to build tension over a well-structured bridge and second build. Leading to a very well-set-up second drop that really excels in delivering energy to the listener.

B. The vocal editing in the song blurs the lines between mid-bass synthesizer and voice recording. The modulations and editing on the vocal loop alone are worthy of an entire article, however, I will let you experience it for yourself to draw your own conclusion.

C. The color-bass/future-riddim elements of the track mesh with the futuristic dystopian mid-tempo in a seamless manner that is an extremely creative and well-executed hybrid of genres. The way each style has its moment to shine is worthy of multiple listens.
Written by: Travis Bisbee


At the beginning of the track, FiASKO & RAGE-BOT make it clear this tune is bringing the hype. The song starts out by reminding you to ‘Get it Poppin‘. These strong vocals accompanied by a powerful build create an atmosphere that further drives the song. There is a conglomerate of epic proportions included in this track. The chorus builds to a drop that is nothing less than extraordinary. There are lyrical verses in here that remind you of a no fucks given attitude. These guys came to party!
Written by: Matthew Shackett


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