Ravenscoon – Rapid Eye Movements [EP Write-Up]

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[San Francisco-based] electronic bass music producer and DJ under the moniker Ravenscoon drops an independently released EP titled eloquently ‘Rapid Eye Movements‘ giving off huge signals of earth-shattering potential, riveting soundscapes, and elemental sound structures so otherworldly you’d think you were dreaming. Wake up, or are you already?

photo of: Ravenscoon

Rapid Eye Movements EP comes in softly with the serious dream state-forward appeal. Ravenscoon using samples from the movie ‘The Waking Life‘, the extended play is laced with sleep-centric elements that really garnish a collective consciousness of the music. In addition to those fortifying features to The Untz.com Headbang Society, and ThisSongSlaps premiered tracks, the bass, style, and uniqueness that carries through is just maniacal. Effortlessly crescendoing through the original into the skillful end, your breath is taken from front to back. The deepening pull that Ravenscoon accomplishes with unifying the EP together with an ongoing BPM and recycled key throughout. I truly believe this identifying piece ties it all together, like one big reality-questioning dream.

“I wanted it to feel like you were falling backwards into an endless beautiful abyss, surrounded by green energy.”Ravenscoon

Nystagmus | Showin’ Out | Rapid Eye Movements | Awake ft. CASHFORGOLD

[Listen to Rapid Eye Movements]

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