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Dance music act Lidez enters the storm with his new track Saints, leaving us jaw-dropped, chilled, and floored. Lidez encapsulates the image, sound, and vibe really well and on point with the energy and appeal. With the heavy-hitting basslines and wickedly upbeat energy factor this hard-dance track expels, you can guarantee you’ll be wiping sweat off your forehead in no time at all.

If this is any exemplification of what 2021 has in store for Lidez, then we’ll assuredly keep our eyes on this electrifying artist. We suggest you do the same. Share, support, and send this off to your favorite hard-dance friends. We will be.

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[Interview: Lidez]

Q1: Tell our fans, readers, and audience who you are? A little about your backstory, origin, and reason for starting Lidez.

A1: Basically I’m a various artist. I really love a lot of music, especially Hard Dance. Also, I’m an artist who puts a lot of energy into his shows which you should really catch one day! When it comes to the story of Lidez and why I started this project, well… I want to keep this question a little private. Maybe in the future, I’ll explain more about Lidez himself, but all I want to say is I just wanted to create someone that will leave something new and big to the world. Something and someone where I’ll be proud of.

Q2: What genre(s) do you deal with, play, and enjoy most?

A2: I really love playing hard and hype music and especially music with soul. There are a lot of genres that you can experience in my sets. I listen to and enjoy almost every genre, but lately, I’m really into classical music, traditional pop, minimal techno, and hardstyle.

Q3: Your new track “Saints” just dropped. Where did the creative process come from? How did you approach it on a daily basis?

A3: Well I wanted to create something that I’ll be satisfied with. I just moved with the vibe and created Saints. It’s a special song for me like my other songs, but on this one, I don’t want to talk too much about the story. I want to leave it to the audience to think about!

Q4: What has been your favorite memory thus far in music?

Everything! I love the process so I just don’t want to say that some certain memory was my favorite but of course I enjoy the days I have milestones in my career more. One of the examples is that I signed at the Dutch ‘DAWN Agency’ for worldwide bookings, this gave me a big energy boost to be prepared for the festival season after Covid 19.

Q5: three-part questionnaire:

-Where is/has been your favorite venue to play? Why and what show?

A: Every gig where the crowd is hyped and has big energy is the best. At this moment I would appreciate every venue with any kind of crowd. Man, I miss having shows…

-What has been your favorite song to play live? Why and what track?

A: Lately I’m really into playing more hardstyle in my sets, but to be honest I love all kinds of hard songs to play in my sets.

-What has been your favorite fan experience at a show? Why and what happened?

A: I really love seeing people that are fed with my energy. I feel amazing when they appreciate what I’m doing.

Q6: What fun fact would you like our audience and your fans to know about you, Lidez?

A6: Everybody thinks my name was created in some certain big story but actually it was a super random thing by a friend. It is a random name, but I’m the one who’s adding the meaning to it.

Q7: What sort of emotions went into Fearless Feelings?

A7: I don’t make music just as a craft, and I also wanted to share something besides everything. No promotion or marketing plan. I just wanted to put my feelings on this EP and let people know I’m not only making music for the money.

Q8: You have an edit for Wiz Kalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow‘. Very cool. Why this track so late after its original release?

A8: I listened to ‘Black and Yellow‘ a lot when I was a kid. I always loved it and a couple of months ago I was listening to it again and I asked myself why I didn’t make an edit for it. So I grabbed my laptop and just made it! To be honest I don’t know why it is called ‘late’, for me it was the right time!

Q9: What do you have in store for 2021? What can you tell us?

A9: I’m working my ass off in the studio so there will be more hard music coming soon. Also, I’m working together with my agency on a new concept of Lidez at festivals/shows. Some other big news is coming soon too.. I’ll leave them as a surprise!

Q10: Who do you see putting in the extra work, time, and effort these days? Give them a healthy Lidez style shout-out!

A10: There are a lot of artists I’ll probably be forgetting to shout out. First of all, a big shout out to LEX PAIN, he is a real brother to me and an amazing artist. Also shout out to RW96 for always supporting, shout out to Dimmotion, he is a great producer and supporter. Shout out to Mafium and the Wasted Society, you guys will hear a lot from them. They are great friends of mine and overall amazing persons. Also, shout out to Mert Filik, he’ll be releasing new music soon. Shout out to Bxdycxde, you will hear music from us soon, we recently made amazing music together. I would love to write something about everyone but that will be too long, so here are just some quick shout outs.

Shout out to Zovah, Amplitude Emotions, Black Hurst, LKS, Svrgnto, C4to, Reaktive, Savas, S4yn, Riptide, Llyro, D-Sides Svnbvrned, Dj Dxrty and my Lit As Fvck Team! I’m sure I also forgot a lot of people, forgive me, guys! I really appreciate the people for being supportive and especially being real.


I really love a lot of hard genres and I don’t like doing one thing, especially when it comes to my music. I wanted to create something that I’ll be satisfied with and also have something that has an important meaning for me. I don’t want to talk too much about the track because I want to leave it to the audience’s thoughts. Adding a specific hard genre to Saints? Impossible!


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