Nuclear Ninja + TORCH – Power [Track Write-Up]

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[Colorado-based] Nuclear Ninja teams up with TORCH to distribute the gripping track ‘Power‘ to your ears this late January. Each bustling with tracks on their respective label Deathstar Cult Ltd, their energy bounces off of each other as a cohesive and dialed synergy.

‘Power’ hits the punches with heavy bass, builds, and immense drops to fortify its brute force. Each and every dynamic turn kept me hooked. This pair is definitely a powerful and maniacal team. Just as the track maintains its build, the next level, and the layering is brought in to finish off these edgy cuts. As January wraps up here soon, we can safely add this track to our upcoming favorites. Nuclear Ninja doesn’t disappoint and now TORCH has set a new standard for us for his newest tune. Our hats are off to you both.

2021 is off to a great start, already!

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