W.A.S.H. + EGalas – Jump: Be Weird Be Original Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Arizona-based] duck-duo W.A.S.H. and [Peru-based] audio-aficionado EGalas team up this holiday season to gift you, ‘Jump’!
Be Weird Be Original is the culprit behind the release of this waddling wonderment, and the [Mexico City-based] label is ecstatic to add this surefire heater to their immense catalog. This is compacted energy for all to listen to and enjoy!

W.A.S.H. has been immensely busy this year as their music, presence, and reach have grown tenfold in these trying times. Their tantalizing music has made it on several platforms and labels including our own but not limited to Only Trap, FightFree, Twerk Nation, and Electric Station. The unstoppable force of this sharp-toothed duo is undeniably bill-dropping (jaw-dropping). As far as their music being supported by the musical masses, it assured to say the list is stacked: MagMag, Bvss Tactic, Duckworthsound, and the ever-so-prolific FIGHTCLVB.

Their presence has been notable and apparent with their hard-hitting sounds being streamed online. As the world converted to new means of enjoying their favorite duck-duo playing, they didn’t sit back and just float on the pond. They took flight!
Landing on streaming platforms from Phanosity, FightFree, and Baked Up to give off a good-blaring of their tunes. The ducks who quack loudest, get fed first! QUACK!

As for the Peruvian producer, EGalas, you can indemnify yourself now that he is the real deal. Sharing their satisfying soundscapes together, the blend of EGalas and W.A.S.H. is a cohesive and salacious end-product. When you share a vision and have similar interests, a collaborative effort can easily turn into the most complimentary creation upon completion. Compounding, potentiating, and fortifying the results. It’s quite magical.

The captivation factor is on high-alert as EGalas divinely shows off his masterful skills with the display of authentic Peruvian woodwind instruments being synthesized in a salacious fashion. The earth-shatteringly well-designed snares and the carrying through of Jersey Club essence, you know this structuralized production means business.
W.A.S.H. serving up justice with the track with their signature elements but this go around they ‘duck’ things up a bit by adding smile-worthy and energetic kicks and gracious and melodic drum patterns to really supplement the production. Even if this is a deep-dive into a new pond-of-a-territory, they flew in and went for the worm!

Keep this track on repeat, as it’s been a quacking good song to listen to, analyze, and ultimately enjoy. ‘Jump’ is streaming on all platforms by W.A.S.H. and EGalas, via Be Weird Be Original.

[Listen to ‘Jump’]


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