TOA5T – brightBEATS Guest Mix [Artist Spotlight]

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[San Francisco-based] cinematic bass music artist and audio engineer, TOA5T unwraps a gift for us all so luminous and glaring, it had to be uploaded into a mix! Packed with 100% all selfmade, TOA5T tunes, you can snuggle up next the fireplace and indulge in the very glory of this mix.

Each track in the mix is craftily and well-chosen in timing and design. The intro to the outro it is brimming with bass, jaw-dropping enthusiasm, and mind-bendingly paramount in production. Settle yourself in and dedicate the time to listen to this masterful guest mix, it will not disappoint in the least of aspects.

If today was not special enough for you, we have it covered with this articulately delivered guest mix to keep that chin up and remain merry! Plus there isn’t any clean-up after this gift from TOA5T to you. Merry Christmas!

[Listen to TOA5T’s brightBEATS Guest Mix]


0:00 Night City- TOA5T
3:08 Let the Sky Bleed- TOA5T
4:32 ID- TOA5T
5:29 Anthem (TOA5Ted)- TOA5T
6:48 Solitude- TOA5T
8:28 Keys to Life (Coming January)- TOA5T
10:12 See Through Me (feat. Morgalily)- TOA5T
12:02 Hoodlum- TOA5T
14:49 Circumvent- TOA5T
18:06 Trepidation- TOA5T
19:37 A Deadly Dance- TOA5T
21:02 Gun Shot Symphony- TOA5T
22:17 Dissonance- TOA5T
24:15 Error Machine (Unreleased)- TOA5T
27:08 Night City- TOA5T


[TOA5T Interview]

Q1: What has been your favorite memory and or experience of 2020?

A1: My favorite experience in 2020 had been spending more time with my family. Not being able to go out as much created more time for us spend together. It’s a reminder of what’s important in life.

Q2: What can we anticipate for the upcoming 2021 year? What can you tell us?

A2: I’m always writing music, so I have about 5 releases planned for 2021. I’ll also be rolling out more merch. The first of which will be stickers and photo prints of landscapes I’ve taken this year. I’m also working on some deals for some TOA5T tracks to be in a couple movies and commercials, but I can’t say more than that right now.


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