BLAIZE Takeover Week: Featuring 7 Days of Texas’s Rising Talent – ‘Pick It Up’ – Subsidia Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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Subsidia Records – Subsidia Night: Vol. 2
‘Pick It Up’

[Day 3] of the BLAIZE Takeover Week brings us to his track ‘Pick It Up’, the newest and most-hot track in the man’s catalog. Being released off Excision‘s prolific label, Subsidia Records, the beast of a track has gained an unreal amount of attention not only from X‘s team but the world as a whole.

‘Pick It Up‘ begins and drives energy right into the soul, no questions asked. The just raunchy and wildly pleasing bass and build-ups are exemplifications of how and why this track landed where it did. Blazing with intensity the sample usage and heavy-sounds he manages to create are otherworldly. Just as the track begins to get into the other half it gets incredibly better with effortless speed and fashion. ‘Pick It Up‘ is available for your listening pleasures.

If BLAIZE keeps up this ungodly amount of releases and harnessing of unstoppable traction, we haven’t a doubt he will be sharing the stage with the multitude of headliners and major players in the industry once we return to a safer festival season. We have no doubt, BLAIZE is the future.

[Listen to Pick It Up]

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