Vodenik – brightBEATS Guest Mix [Artist Spotlight]

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[Cincinnati-based] artist Vodenik opens up the atmospheres and gashes an impactful tear in our thunderous skies once again before years end. With his eyes on the prize, this artist maintained his spot in the industry even when the odds were stacked against him and, us all.

No matter the damage, disturbance, or background noise, Vodenik perseveres. His melodic dubstep and bass-music sound selections, and inspiration to be amongst the greats at Ophelia Records, he keeps his fire lit, and the goal in mind.
Whether he decides to hit you with a wall of tears and emotions or an immovable force of bass, this guy has your best interest in mind on the dancefloor and at home.
Vodenik displays severe dexterity in skills, soundscapes, and the audio-environments he creates with this mix.

Hold tight as we close out 2020 with his official brightBEATS guest mix.

Q1: What was your favorite experience/memory of 2020?

A1: This is very hard question. I would have to say my favorite memory of 2020 would have to be releasing “Be This Hard” with my good friends Awon and Kelsey Ray! It was my very first track ever that was released on all platforms. It was a self-release, so this song is very important to me because it’s like my first big step in my music.

Q2: What goal(s) do you plan on establishing for 2021?

A2: I have a quite a few goals that I plan to set for myself for 2021. One goal is kinda of cliche, but I just want to be a better person mentally and physically. Some music related goals would be 50k streams on my song, reaching many more followers on Spotify, and winning a big remix contest. The most important goal of mine is to one day release on Seven Lions’ Label, Ophelia Records. Seven Lions is one of the first artists to inspire me to do this when I began this journey and his sound is unmatched.

[Listen to Vodenik’s brightBEATS Guest Mix]

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