BLAIZE Takeover Week: Featuring 7 Days of Texas’s Rising Talent – BLAIZE [Interview Pt.2]

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Q1: How did you come up with your name?

So it was pretty easy for me to pick BLAIZE as my DJ name because it’s actually my middle name. I know some DJs struggle to come up with a cool and unique name, but I always knew what mine would be.

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Q2: What is your songwriting process?

A lot of times ill just download a new pack or something like that and ill just go through all the various sounds, and then eventually one of them will catch me and ill just start from there. I mean sometimes ill have a specific idea of what I am going for when I sit down like sometimes I’ll have some cool vocals that I know I want to work with and so I’ll jot that down in my notes and then come back and try to make a beat to those vocals or whatever. Usually though, I just get on and start right there from scratch. No pre-planned idea, I just go for it.

Q3: Was there one specific moment when you realized you made the leap from bedroom DJ to bonafide bass dropper? How did you feel at this moment?

Um, I think it all started when I dropped that track Vihhh. I feel like everyone loved that one and it was like, one of my first true songs. I was all trap before that, you know, like trap house and not dubstep. But since that track, I’ve been doing more stuff like that and that’s when I feel like it really actually started kicking off.

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Q4: How do you feel about DJ culture? Are there any aspects of DJ culture that you do not like?

Well, I definitely don’t like that people are taking advantage of other people like we have seen a bit of in recent years. That stuff is terrible and it really needs to stop immediately.

Q5: Why did you originally get into DJing?

So I first got into DJing because I like to listen to my music really loud, and I like to be creative. I have always been kind-of to myself, so I like to make my music very loud. I love to make loud music and I love getting to meet all the new people. I hate when people think they are hot shit and just want to play their set and then dip out. I always try to stick around and talk to people and meet new fans and everything.

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Q6: How important is branding to you? How do use branding differently in your main project versus your side project, Blasé?

So before I got my new logo, I thought it didn’t really matter and I didn’t really care about branding so much you know. I was just like, I’m just gonna make the best music I can, and people are gonna like it. I wasn’t gonna like try to be somebody I’m not. But then I got the new logo and it was crazy to see how people responded and I really got it, like how branding can really help an artist. Like with BLAIZE I wear chains and like all black and that’s kinda how I dress anyway. The with Blasé I have the jumpsuits and it’s just like a totally different feel to it.

Q7: What is your favorite moment from a specific show? What is your favorite aspect of live shows in general?

So my favorite specific moment from a show was this one time we told everybody it was my homie’s birthday. His name is Corey and he gets up on the stage with a bottle and just starts chugging it. And that was like right when the bass dropped and everybody just went crazy. That’s probably my favorite specific moment. My favorite thing about shows in general is to be able to show my music on like a bigger scale and super loud. That’s a huge reason I got into it and so that’s definitely one of my favorite parts.

Q8: What was the biggest obstacle, besides creating your own music, to getting from where you were to where you are now?

Um, I lived in this little bitty 1A town and was like the only one that did anything like this in my hometown. Then when I moved from there to San Antonio, that’s when it really started popping off for me. Like I actually was able to kinda figure out what I needed to do with all the other people around me now that could help. Then once I conquered this area, I was on social media and meeting new people there. I think it starts off very slow, but you just need to build your connections with everybody and from there you can ask questions and succeed.

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Q9: Do you have any advice for those that come behind you and hope to accomplish similar goals as you have?

I would say that it’s definitely not easy at first, but just stick with it and it will get easier over time. As they say, practice makes perfect. I wouldn’t go and make one song then be like, “oh I need a manager.” It’s not gonna happen you know what I mean. Just make as much music as you can and put out as much fire as you can and management will find you. Find somebody to help you run your brand and just do as good as you can, for as long as you can, at first.

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